exploring headphone types

Which headphone types are right for you?

At work, out jogging in the rain or lounging on the sofa – we use headphones  just about everywhere. For many of us, enjoying great sound at all times is a right, not a privilege; but the wide variety of headphone styles and designs can be overwhelming. The headphone types that are right for you will depend on many variables including what you listen to, where you listen to it and for how long.

in-ear headphones
In-ear headphones like the MOVE PRO and MOVE BT are perfect for active lifestyles.

Find the headphones of your dreams

Contemporary headphone types include in-ears, on-ears and over-ears with a variety of features including splash-proofing, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation. When it comes to sound, individual headphones have distinct signatures from neutral to bassy or bright. Each design comes with benefits over other designs. What’s right for you depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Are you an active person or do you have spend a lot of time commuting? Do you love an airy and open sound or do you prefer intense, resonant bass? Thinking about these questions will point you in the right direction when it comes to navigating the various headphone types.

on-ear headphones from teufel audio
On-ear headphones like the Teufel AIRY are the perfect all-rounders.

Take our fun quiz to narrow down your headphones types

The choices are vast, the features many. Still, finding your perfect pair of headphones doesn’t have to be as difficult as finding your ideal life partner. Let the following quiz guide you to the headphones that will make all your audio dreams come true!

over-ear headphones from teufel
The Teufel Aureol Real over-ear headphones offer incredibly transparent playback with all genres of music.

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