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As the thermometer slowly but surely edges towards the 20 degree mark, it’s time to shake off your winter coat, don your shades, and get outside. Warmer days and lighter nights promise barbecues, garden parties, and lazy days in the park – which are made all the more relaxing and fun against the background beats of your summer soundtrack. Teufel offers a variety of portable and compact speakers that are perfect for when you want the same high-quality sound as you get at home, on-the-go. But what exactly makes a speaker ready for the great outdoors?

What makes a speaker “portable”?

Of course, a good battery is one of the most important requirements for outdoor speakers – after all, sockets are rarely found outdoors. Take a closer look at the performance data of the battery: how long is the playing time with one battery charge and how long does it take until the battery is fully charged? It should be noted that the operating time is only an approximate indication.

Portable Bluetooth speaker
The Rockster XS even fits in your back pocket for easy portable sound.

In practice, it mainly depends on the volume, and the composition of the music over the frequency ranges also has an influence on the playing time. For example, bass tones (i.e. low-frequency sounds) draw more energy from the battery than treble and mid-range, because significantly greater strokes are required. It can also be very useful to have a visual display of the battery level, so that you don’t get caught short.

Stay connected in the great outdoors

Bluetooth and battery support are almost always included in the package. Because of the functionality of the wireless standard, this combination is also very useful. The advantages: wireless connection, high connection stability, low power consumption, compatibility with various other devices. Several integrated Bluetooth interfaces allow several playback devices to control the speaker at the same time. If “Bluetooth aptx” is specified in the product specifications, this means that the audio stream is transmitted with virtually no loss of sound.

Whether your outdoor loudspeaker should also enable Wi-Fi operation depends very much on the application scenario. At home, where there is a connection to a home network, this can be very useful. However, as soon as the speakers are outside your home Wi-Fi range, you usually won’t be able to use this feature.

For this reason, other wired interfaces are more important. A whole series of feeders can be connected to AUX inputs via jack plugs. USB inputs with audio support are well suited to external hard drives. USB connections can also be used to charge the battery of mobile phones and other players. You should have a think in advance if and with which interfaces, other than Bluetooth, you want to control your outdoor speaker.

Hi-Fi sound from Teufel headphones


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Bluetooth-Kopfhörer von Teufel


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Open sound in the open air

Outdoors, you can often pick up on the weaknesses of a speaker more clearly. This is because the sound waves are much less reflected outdoors than in closed rooms. The sound can be dull and tinny. For a speaker to sound its best outdoors, it needs to be powerful and precise throughout the whole frequency range of the chosen music. This works best when the speaker is a multi-channel speaker with a separate woofer.

External values are also important

An outdoor speaker should not only be able to withstand being frequently transported, but should also be as easy to carry as possible. You should therefore make sure that the materials and speaker housing are of high quality. If plastic has been processed, it must be robust. It is also very important that the speaker membrane is adequately protected.

It is commonly known that water is no friend to electronic devices. That’s why you shouldn’t leave even outdoor speakers out in the rain. When considering such scenarios, be sure to check if and if so, which, IP protection classes are given in the product specifications.

Teufel outdoor speakers

portable bluetooth speaker boomster dab+ radio
The Teufel Boomster – a portable Bluetooth speaker with DAB+ radio

Hi-Fi sound in the great outdoors – our ROCKSTERs guarantee big sound wherever you take them.

  • ROCKSTER: There’s nothing quite like the Rockster! The high-end system brings sound levels – powered by a 450-Watt amplifier – up to 121 dB. The Rockster also gives you all the freedom you need: battery life of up to 20 hours, connectable to a car battery (12 V), 2 Bluetooth interfaces, RCA and jack inputs, and you can even connect your guitar. All this comes in a practical speaker with handles and served on wheels.
  • ROCKSTER AIR: In comparison to the larger Rockster, the Rockster Air offers everything in one size smaller, but no less impressive. Like the large Rockster (87 cm high), the 46 cm high cabinet contains a 2-way system with bass reflex tubes. The system plays up to 30 hours in battery mode! When it comes to connectivity, the Air also has a lot to offer: Bluetooth aptX, jack, cinch analogue and XLR. In adverse conditions it shows that it is a real outdoor speaker. The metal grille protects the transducers and the underside is water resistant.
portable bluetooth speaker Teufel Rockster Air
Teufel Rockster Air

More Bluetooth speakers from Teufel


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Bamster Pro - Portable Lautsprecher mit Bluetooth


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Outdoor speakers – keep these points in mind

  • How long does the battery last?
  • Which wired interfaces are supported in addition to Bluetooth?
  • How strong is the integrated amplifier and what is the sound level of the speaker?
  • How good is the physical workmanship and what loads should the outdoor speaker withstand?

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    I bought Teufel Boomster 2.0 about 2 weeks ago. I was on the bitch with Teufel and sand came to the front cover of the speaker. Is any way to open Boomster without losing warranty? I’d like only take out the main part and clean speaker cover from inside from the sand.

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