Chromecast audio apps

Chromecast audio apps: The most important apps at a glance

Teufel offers Chromecast built in with all Raumfeld streaming speakers. Google’s streaming standard allows users to play back audio from any Chromecast-enabled app on their Wi-Fi system. At the present time, over 100 apps support Chromecast and more are constantly integrating the streaming standard. Read on to discover the best Chromecast-enabled streaming apps for music lovers.

Introducing the most important Chromecast audio apps

The most popular streaming services, newcomers, classical music options and internet radio all use Chromecast. The following are some of the most popular:

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Chromecast naturally supports the Google music streaming service, Google Play Music. Google Play Music offers a large selection of titles, but a premium account is required for full access. Still, the free version has a lot to offer. For instance, users can upload up to 50,000 titles from their own music library to Google Play Music’s cloud storage for playback via the service’s mobile app. For those with large private music collections, this is a great option. Unlike storage on a NAS or digital hard drive, cloud storage allows these titles to be accessed anywhere. In addition, Google Play music offers all the features one would expect from a good streaming service: An easy-to-use interface, curated recommendations and genre-specific play lists.


Deezer logo

Deezer’s music streaming service has a catalogue of around 35 million titles and all are fully accessible with a free account. Deezer also offers a “Flow” feature. This creates an ongoing playlist of songs specially curated for each listener. Think of it as your own private radio station. Along with free accounts, there are Deezer premium and family accounts for up to 6 profiles. The benefits of a paid account include commercial-free playback, better sound quality and an offline function.


Qobuz music streaming app

Qobuz is a French streaming service that aims to please more discerning ears. Offers range for “Qobuz Premium” which is similar to other services with unlimited streams in top-quality MP3 format. Another more expensive option offers CD-quality FLAC streams. The third and newest option is called “Sublime” and gives the user access to CD-quality streams as well as up to 60% discounts on hi-res downloads. At the present time, Qobuz offers 40,000 hi-res albums, making it a world-leader in 24-bit hi-res downloads. Qobuz is a great option for those who want the convenience of streaming without compromising on sound quality.



Music streaming was first embraced by young people listening to popular music, usually on headphones. But as streaming graduates to better quality streams and hi-fi speakers to play them back on, classical music services have sprung up. One might ask why a separate service is necessary when music apps like Spotify and Google Play Music already offer so many classical titles. One reason is the different structure of classical music. A fan of Schubert’s Winterreise will want to hear all the different recordings of this piece. In addition, the Winterreise in not a single 3 minute song but a series of related songs. Since the structure of classical music is so different, it makes sense to have separate streaming services organized to present and suggest classical music in a way that makes sense for the genre. The streaming service IDAGIO offers all this along with offline listening options, high quality FLAC audio and passes most of its subscriptions fees on to the artists. Classical music lovers are also less likely to be confronted by commercials for “Top Club Hits” in a classical streaming service like IDAGIO!

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Everyone’s heard of YouTube, but many aren’t aware there’s a dedicated YouTube platform for music. YouTube Music features playlists, concert footage and artist interviews. In addition, the automatic playback of new songs is personalised according to past selections. A premium paid YouTube Red account allows users to enjoy their selections without commercials. Note that this option is only available in the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea at the present time.

How Chromecast audio apps unburden your smartphone & unleash your music

Chromecast built-in technology makes it possible to enjoy the best music apps throughout your home and is available now on Raumfeld speakers. Simply look for the Chromecast button within an app and select a Raumfeld device for playback. With Chromecast, users can enjoy the flexibility of Bluetooth along with the better sound quality Wi-Fi streaming makes possible.

Music streaming from Chromecast-enabled apps offers the following advantages:

✔  The music streams from the cloud and therefore doesn’t drain the smartphone’s battery.
✔ The streams are not interrupted by incoming calls or messages.
✔ Once a stream has been started, it’s possible to move freely around the house. Unlike Bluetooth streaming, you’ll never be out of range.
✔ Wi-Fi supports a high bandwidth. This makes it possible to stream even lossless audio files.


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Raumfeld speakers with Chromecast audio apps

Raumfeld Stereo M: A stereo streaming pair with Chromecast built-in, the Raumfeld Stereo M plays back your Chromecast-enabled apps in gorgeous stereophonic sound. The 3-way system with coaxial drivers and powerful bass is perfect or all genres of music.

2Raumfeld Welcome Home: This bundle consists of the Stereo Cubes and single-unit speaker, the One M. Thanks to the Chromecast streaming architecture, you’ll be able to enjoy top music apps in perfect sync in two rooms.

Coda: Enjoy Chromecast audio apps on the go and at home

•    Chromecast built-in supports a range of audio apps for direct streaming to connected speakers.
•    Any smart devices using the same WiFi network as the streaming speakers can control the playback.
•    There are over 100 apps that support Chromecast including Google Play Music, Deezer and Qobuz.
•    In addition, users can access internet radio and YouTube.


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