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In Focus: the Definion series’ Coaxial Drivers

Teufel Audio’s DEFINION 3 is a set of ultra high-end stereo speakers that come equipped with 3-way technology. In addition to their high quality materials and elegant design, the current DEFINION series speakers come with a special component engineered here in our Berlin labs which we wanted to go into more detail about: the coaxial driver.

Years of Research for the Finest in Audio Contrast

Speakers are said to have 3-way design when they have three types of drivers: tweeters for the high tones, a midrange driver for the middle, and a woofer for the bass. The classic method of incorporating these three types of drivers keeps them separate, generally placed vertically on top of one another. The sound image thus is composed of three audio sources which are spatially separated from each other. This spacing can make sounds that are supposed to be heard together, or even originated from a single instrument or voice, be perceived as coming from different places. And that means the precision of the sound is less than perfect.

Herkömmlicher Lautsprecher
Typical speakers mean divided sound dispersion!

It is this exact deficiency that we set out to address with our research. And the engineers in our Berlin labs spent 2.5 years working out the innovative coaxial design. These types of drivers are a huge step toward the precision that defines the Definion series.

What’s so Special About Coaxial Design?

As the name implies, coaxial (which means “sharing one axis”) design brings together two drivers – specifically the tweeter and midrange driver – into a single component. And that means the two drivers also emanate sound from a single axis. This means all the frequencies emitted by this dual driver reach the ear at nearly the same time. This is especially important for the treble and midrange tones, because the ear is more sensitive to them and thus their localization. And the result needs to be heard to be fully understood. It offers:

  • An amazing sense of space: Feel the sonic atmosphere of the recording space in a way no other method can reproduce.
  • Wide sweet spot: Details are audible in a very similar way across a wide area.
  • Authentic audio: All audio events seem to come from a single location.
The Definion 3
The Definion 3: the tweeter and midrange driver are a single component.

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Coaxial technology in detail

The human hearing spectrum is so broad that no single driver can reach tones all across it because the shape and size of the diaphragm or radiator impact the volume level and audio reproduction angle each frequency can be produced at. This is why high quality speakers almost always contain multiple drivers. These systems can however also reduce the overall precision of playback because the component parts of the audio signal are broken down and distributed to drivers which are not in the exact same location.

That’s where the coax driver comes into play: the audio of two of the drivers comes from just a single point, which is known by industry professionals as point-source audio. In contrast to wide-band drivers, coax systems require a crossover, because both of the sound-emitting components act as separate drivers – and that’s why coax drivers also have two or more input channels.

This graphic shows the internal working of a coaxial driver:

The internal structure of a coax driver
A coax driver and its components
  1. Fabric dome tweeter (in front of the midrange driver)
  2. Rigid honeycomb structure (minimizes vibration of the midrange driver)
  3. Voice coil carrier for the magnet system
  4. Tweeter (nested into the midrange driver)
  5. Voice coil for signal generation
  6. A pole structure (fixes tweeter in place)

Definion Speakers: Great Style, Unbelievable Sound

Definion 3S
Bookshelf speakers with timeless design: the DEFINION 3S

DEFINION 3S: A set of high-end stereo bookshelf speakers that deliver deep and precise bass. Your choice of elegant anthracite or two-tone black and white design.

DEFINION 3: Bigger is better? Then the classic Definion 3 is exactly what you’re after. Like a pair of miniature skyscrapers, this pair of floorstanding speakers are the perfect way to deliver clean bass with a small music setup.

For those who can never get enough: Find more speakers from small to large in the stereo area of the Teufel shop. Have fun browsing!

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Tl;dr: Coaxial speakers reproduce sound authentically

  • The coaxial speaker is a special component from Definion series speakers.
  • The Definion series divides its drivers into a 3-way system consisting of a tweeter, a midrange, and a woofer.
  • Coax design means the tweeter and midrange driver are nested into a single unit. This makes the frequencies produced reach your ears at nearly the same time, improving the listening experience.
  • Coaxial drivers consist of six components and have more than two input channels.

Pictures/graphics: Teufel Audio

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