Fender x Teufel: Here to be Heard

Your life, your sound, your passion – Teufel is here to give you what you love. Rediscover what made you fall in love with sound. For the new Fender x Teufel Collection, we brought our innovative audio technology together with the iconic look of Fender’s guitars and amps. All the speakers come with Teufel’s legendary sound so you can show off your fandom. Here to be heard.

Fender – A Legend. Made by Legends.

A legend. Made by legends. From legendary rock musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain all the way to today’s generation of new, inventive artists like Madison Cunningham and Billie Eilish – it took a lot of people to elevate Fender’s guitars and amps to legendary status. An icon of pop culture, Fender represents new sounds and the freedom of music. Anyone who knows the history of Fender, knows that it has been driving the sound of rock and pop music forward ever since the 1950’s. Founder Leo Fender’s electric guitar’s and basses are not only the cornerstone of a globally successful brand, they also revolutionized the way the two instruments sound today.

Today, Fender is a byword both for rock music and pro musicianship as a whole, a symbol representing love of music. And that makes Teufel and Fender a perfect match.

For the Fender x Teufel Collection, we gave a new design to classic Teufel portables the ROCKSTER AIR 2, ROCKSTER CROSS, and ROCKSTER GO 2. These exclusive special edition speakers bring sound and design together in a unique way.

Timeless Design – German Engineering meets Americana Classic

Fender x Teufel is a unique cooperation bringing Teufel’s legendary German-engineered audio technology with the iconic American design of Fender’s guitars and amplifiers.

The two-tone design around the frame recalls the famous curves of Fender’s Stratocaster®, Telecaster® und Jazzmaster®. We even made the logo in chrome and set it at an angle, proudly displaying our heritage in Fender’s amps. And to complete the look, we packaged the Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS and Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER GO 2 with an original Fender guitar strap.

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS A woman in a brightly lit outdoor street scene.
Check it out: the design of the Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS adopts iconic elements from Fender.

Turn Up the Volume: the Fender x Teufel Special Editions

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2

The ROCKSTER AIR 2 is Teufel’s premium-class mobile event speaker. With balanced, high-resolution sound and punchy bass that goes as deep as the Mariana Trench, it also soars to ultra high volumes. And all that is packed in a timeless design that recalls Fender’s classic amps.

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2 Lifestyle Band
Anywhere can be your stage with the Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2


  • With its high-definition compression driver and 250-mm woofer, this is not your granddaddy’s PA – this is HIFI at extreme volumes
  • Volume: 103 dB (RMS, 1 m) and 115 dB (Peak, 1 m) – the top in its size class and enough to power an 80-person party in stereo configuration
  • Broad sound dispersion for crisp, clear speech that covers the whole audience
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX™, aptX™ HD and AAC for lossless audio transmission
  • Connect two Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER AIR 2 speakers wirelessly for stereo, or up to 10 with XLR cables for DJ mode
  • 58 hours of battery life at medium volumes, up to 31 hours at maximum volume in eco mode, swappable high-capacity LiFePO4 battery with deep discharge protection, 12-volt car battery connection, AC power for when the battery runs out, built-in USB-C powerbank

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS

Meeting up with friends in the city, motorcycle road trips, parties on the beach: the ROCKSTER CROSS can do it all. Teufel’s portable stereo Bluetooth speaker is not only ultra rugged, it also sounds like true stereo thanks to the innovative Dynamore® technology packed inside.

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS man in the sun next to a fence
Ready to go: Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER CROSS with original Fender guitar strap


  • High-performance stereo system with two tweeters, one subwoofer, and two passive radiators, and Dynamore® technology for an especially wide soundstage
  • Thick, shockproof rubber design, IPX5 water resistant
  • Bluetooth with aptX® for streaming in high resolution stereo
  • Connect mode: connect two CROSS speakers for louder volumes and more bass
  • Party mode: trade off playback between two smart phones
  • High-capacity battery for playtimes up to 16 hours, built-in power bank
  • Comes with original Fender guitar strap

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER GO 2

This compact Bluetooth stereo speaker can go with you on all your adventures. The ROCKSTER GO 2 is perfect for a last-minute pool party, or a pick-up game of basketball. With advanced waterproofing, rugged design, and high-power battery, this punchy Bluetooth stereo speaker is always ready for new discoveries.

Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER GO 2 and a woman in a sunny outdoor environment
Fender x Teufel ROCKSTER GO 2: exclusive design and legendary audio for your every adventure


  • 2 aluminum full-range drivers for high-power stereo sound, Dynamic Bass for optimized low-range, Dynamore® for an enormous stereo soundstage
  • IP67-certified: protection against dust & water (can even survive a short dunk)
  • Bluetooth with AAC for nearly lossless music streaming
  • Pair two GO 2 speakers for synchronous stereo playback (left/right), connect up to 100 GO 2 speakers in a single speaker chain
  • Powerful battery with eco-mode for runtimes over 28 hours
  • Carrying strap for your bike, backpack, etc.

Tip: Legendary sound requires legendary instruments. Click here to go to the Fender Shop!

Images: Teufel

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