Marlon Pruz and the Art of Listening

The Art of Listening with Marlon Pruz

Marlon Pruz is a fine artist illustrator from Miami, Florida with an intricate style that blends highly realistic and fanciful elements. Like good music, Pruz’s creations not only work as larger themes, they bear close scrutiny. The eye is guided along over-arching patterns that give way to amazing nuance and unexpected details — and back again. Every stroke is deliberate, the finely sketched and bold elements well blended.


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Music consumption versus active listening

With Marlon Pruz, we’re proud to present the second artist to be featured in The Art of Listening series. The Art of Listening is an awareness campaign launched by the German streaming brand Raumfeld aimed at inspiring music consumers to become active listeners. Working together with contemporary artists, The Art of Listening focuses on how music promotes the creative process.

Marlon Pruz

The first artists featured were the popular English rock band, White Lies. In an exclusive series of talks, the members discussed their listening habits and how the Raumfeld system helps them connect with their inspirations.

Stereo L speaker with illustration by Marlon Pruz

Unlocking the door to imagination with sound

As in the golden age of hi-fi, Raumfeld’s pristine playback invites the listener to enter the music and follow it on a journey. But unlike traditional speakers, each Raumfeld Wi-Fi device connects to a world of audio from the cloud and home networks. This makes it possible to discover new talent on SoundCloud or all your favourite artists on Spotify and TIDAL. Raumfeld’s advanced audio technology renders details and layers the listener may never have noticed in a favourite song: The intake of breath, the crispness of a cymbal or an exquisite harmony. Like Pruz’s murals, each layer is perfectly blended into the whole, yet distinctly rendered and waiting to be explored.

Circle + square by Marlon Pruz

Marlon Pruz’s creative process: Technique & flow

In terms of how music inspires his creative process, Pruz says the recording artists he discovers on SoundCloud help him get into a state of flow. He feels a passion for music that goes “hand-in-hand with his drawing”, comparing the strokes in his illustrations to the beats in a song.  Of his technique, Pruz notes:

“Often times, my sketch takes longer than the actual piece itself because I am never satisfied with keeping things simple. I think about every centimeter of the piece and where I can add more. I like to experiment with placement of scenery, text, and objects to create unique, attention-grabbing compositions.”

This commitment to craftsmanship helped Pruz make a name for himself in the burgeoning Miami arts scene where he’s worked professionally for the past two years. In a city known more for bikinis and palm trees than art, a young and vibrant community has been growing. Pruz’s murals and signature style are already a significant contribution to Miami’s unique creative voice.

Stereo L with design

Transforming the Stereo L

Beat by beat and using only a white marker, Pruz transformed a pair of Stereo L speakers into a striking work of art. The swirls around the drivers and ornate pillars adorning the sides underscore the physical aspects of the speakers as well as their fine-resolution sound qualities. The completed stereo towers appear to pulsate and glow, two stunning monuments to the Art of Listening — and Looking.

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