Wireless subwoofers

Miminizing cable chaos with wireless subwoofers

Today, it’s possible to buy a complete home cinema system online in a few simple clicks. Less simple, however, is the setup. The wiring can be especially troublesome. Depending on the size of the system, up to seven satellites plus a subwoofer need to be connected to an A/V receiver. This is fairly easy to do, but placing the cables in such a way that they are a) not likely to be tripped over and b) not an unsightly mess can take some doing. For those who have a carpet, tucking them away underneath is a good option. Another possibility is to run them along the walls or even under the floorboards. There are many solutions for cable placement running the gamut from simple to elaborate, but one of the simplest solutions of all is to get rid of the cables altogether.

Wireless subwoofers: Popular and practical

Teufel’s T 4000 wireless flat subwoofer

One speaker where this presents a real and practical option is the subwoofer. Unlike the front and rear speakers in a surround sound system, subwoofers are often active. This is a handy attribute when it comes to the wireless transmission of a signal. After all, the signal not only needs to be received, it also requires amplification. With a typical active subwoofer, this can all be done within the speaker.

Usually the largest speaker in a surround sound system, subwoofers often have a rather boxy shape. That’s because this speaker contains the largest woofer in the entire system. Luckily, however, the placement of the subwoofer won’t affect the overall sound of the system as very low frequencies – generally those below 80 Hz — are omnidirectional. In an enclosed listening room you won’t be able to say where exactly they come from. In practical terms, you can slip the sub under the sofa or next to your bookshelf.  Wherever you have space, and as long as no boomy effects are created, is the perfect place. The only other consideration is a cable connection to the A/V receiver. But what if the signal could be sent to the sub wirelessly without any negative effect on the sound? Suddenly, all you need to worry about is a connection to mains power.

Lossless radio signal transmission

In wireless subwoofers, the signal is transmitted from the A/V receiver via radio signal. This means, of course, that the A/V receiver must possess a radio transmitter to send the audio signal to the wireless subwoofer’s receiver.  This more-or-less works like a cordless phone which receives signals from its base. Even the 2.4 GHz radio frequency is the same as that used in cordless phones.

So this is not Bluetooth, although the receiver’s transmitter and subwoofer’s receiver require an initial pairing procedure that is similar to Bluetooth. With most systems, the pairing procedure involves nothing more than switching on both devices and then pressing a button. The transmission is generally strong and stable up to a distance of 10 meters.

Wireless subwoofers from Teufel Audio

Teufel’s T 4000 wireless flat subwoofer can also be easily wall mounted

Many all-in-one Teufel systems come pre-equipped with transmitters and receivers. The Cinebar 11 soundbar/wireless subwoofer set, for instance, comes with the transmitter pre-installed in the soundbar. The subwoofer also has an in-built receiver. This is also true of the Raufmeld Soundbar. In this case, the Soundbar streams music via Wi-Fi, but communicates to its wireless subwoofer via radio signal.

For those who already own an A/V receiver and subwoofer that they would like to use wirelessly, there is also the Subwoofer Wireless Set. This set is comprised of the Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter and the Subwoofer Wireless Receiver. It can be used with all systems that have an RCA output on the A/V receiver and an RCA output on the subwoofer.

Teufel receivers like the CoreStation come with a wireless transmitter pre-installed. Teufel’s Subwoofer Wireless Receiver, available separately or as part of a set with the transmitter, can equip any subwoofer to receive the signal from the CoreStation. The innovative flat subwoofer, the T 4000, can be transformed into a wireless system with the addition of the SubConnect MOD. In certain bundles like the Cubycon Complete Streaming, the T 4000 comes complete with wireless module.

An overview of Teufel products for wireless subwoofer connections

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