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The best game soundtracks ever made

When it comes to video or computer games it’s not just about the graphics but sound too, just like with films. And for us gamers, some of these soundtracks have become major cornerstones in our lives. That includes us vintage gamers, that have been playing since 1990s, to today’s modern gamers. We had a comb through the gaming history and present some of the most iconic gaming soundtracks. But of course, a list like this will never please the masses, and there are bound to be a few favourites missing (apologies in advance).

The sound that gamers love


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Super Mario 64 – Koji Kondo

Nintendo really hit the nail on the head with many of their games, and as result they tingle our inner emotions of nostalgia whenever we think back to those more innocent times. However, of all the the games released by Nintendo, Super Mario 64 is the one we selected due to its upbeat and catchy music that’s imprinted in many gamers’ memories. Yahoo!

Silent Hill 3 – Akira Yamaoka

Akira Yamaoka is one of the most important music composers in today’s video-gaming world. He worked together with Grasshopper to produce two amazing soundtracks. One of his masterpieces that we love has to be the horror game Silent Hill 3. The mix of alternative and ambient rock is so good that it’s basically its own album. Our favourite sound track is “End of a Small Sanctuary”.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – mixtapes

Today mixtape soundtracks are an institution for video games. The FIFA series is often making songs famous, and how  could we forget the iconic GTA San Andreas radio stations. Riding through the landscape with hilarious stations and funky tunes (which can now be purchased as an 8 disc box set). And let’s not forget about the ground-breaking playlist from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (THPS). Through this playlist many teens got their first contact with punk or rock and today the THPS 2 is still a class selection of hip-hop, punk, and alternative rock.

Read Dead Redemption – Bill Elm and Woody Jackson

Read Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) really achieved new highs back in 2018, knocking over nearly every gamer with its release. The predecessor is a real stroke of genius, not least because of its soundtrack. It accompanies the scenery of the game in the best spaghetti western tradition so well that you are forced to stop every now and then just to drink it all in. A soundtrack highlight for us has to be “Far Away” sung by Jose Gonzalez.

The Last of Us – Gustavo Santaolalla

Games and soundtracks have a few things in common. Music and images have to correspond with each other, strengthen one another or – in some cases – highlight contrasts. Gustavo Stanaolalla is the person responsible for the amazing soundtrack in in the Last of Us.  He started of composing music for films such as 21 Gramm, My Blueberry Nights and Wild Tales. However, with The Last Us he went down a new path by creating a soundtrack for a video game. And the result is a impressive and emotional gaming soundtrack that stays in the hearts of many gamers for its subtle pervasive nature. The soundtracks help tell the story of the two main characters who are trapped in this post-apocalyptic zombie adventure, emphasising their stress and emotions.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Jeremy Soule

Soundtracks from Harry Potter, Star Wars and even to WoW are all a part of Jeremy Soule’s work – as well as the extremely popular Elder Scrolls series. These fantasy games revolutionized the RPG genre as we know it. However, one of his most beloved works has to be the Morrowind soundtrack, the third installment in the Edler Scrolls series. Gamers shall never forget the overwhelming welcome that  greeted them as they loaded into the game, into a world of chaos, slow running and dreaded Cliff Racers.

A valid contender for listening to gaming soundtracks

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