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What is Stress Control Audio?

Stress is a major risk to our health that we often overlook. Unlike a cut or burn, stress can be hard to identify and as a result isn’t easy to deal with. Stress can have a major impact on both our bodies and our lives when not managed. However, thanks to technology, once costly or hard-to-find stress management courses are now at the tip of your fingers. It’s being named Stress Control Audio. We took a look at this unique de-stressing tool.

What is stress control audio?

Stress control audio could be seen as a one-sided therapy session. A voice slowly gives you commands that you follow. They focus on breathing, body tension and encourage thoughts that cause you to think and feel in a more reflective manner. They can often be a number of episodes in which you are taken through a step-by-step journey to relieve stress. Unlike the many meditation audios that you can find online, these guided audio sessions aim to tackle stress directly and are often lead by a healthcare professional. The audios can range anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes. Though, often the shorter sessions are a part of a series. Another key thing to mention is, some are about in-the-moment de-stressing, whereas others provide listeners with various techniques to use throughout their lives when they feel they could be becoming stressed.

Sound in general can have powerful effect on the brain and as a result our emotions. Before we looked at how binaural beats can be used to help us relax or remain focused, but when it comes to stress control audio, its less about the science behind the sound, but rather what is being said and how it redirects our attention.

Benefits and uses of stress control audio

Stress is a demon we can’t avoid. Sadly, it doesn’t matter what we do, stress of some sort will sneak its way into our life. According to PsychCentral, stress can go unnoticed and become a major risk to our lives. They claim stress management is the key. They encourage those dealing with stress to undertake “stress-reducing activities” and stress control audio is exactly that. Their study also revealed that when you work on your stress management your moods will become more stable, thoughts become clearer, relationships improve, and the risk of illness is reduced.

Using sound as tool to relieve stress has a ton of benefits. One of the most obvious is the ease to access it. Many homes can easily connect to the online world and with a quick search you find an abundance of stress control audio files. And with technology as it is, we can easily listen to these audio files wherever we might be. Whether in the park or at home. With the right audio equipment, we can plunge into to the de-stressing sound solution. And of course, it is often free – meaning even those pinching pennies can access it.

Thanks to its compatibility stress control audio can be used in many different situations. It can be used both before and after an operation to relax the patient.

Finding your own stress control audio 

There is an abundance of stress control audio online. It’s hard to say one is better than the other. This course is something that is very personal, so you have to find the ones that work for you. However, here are some popular examples found online.

Jim White via SoundCloud

Dr Jim White is an internationally renowned Consultant Clinical Psychologist, CBT therapist and researcher. His audio course talks about different methods to use throughout the day to help work against stress. Find all his courses below:

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Dr Chris Williams – the NHS

Another version is also offered by the NHS, the UK’s national healthcare organisation. In it Dr Chris Williams talks to the listener in an attempt to “help you, help yourself” as he claims. He has various courses that target specific problems not just stress, but also help with sleeping and anxiety both of which can be closely related to or cause stress.  Find all his courses here.

City of Hope via YouTube

Originally created for those living with cancer, the City of Hope meditation courses aim to guide the listener through a meditation aimed to help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping and physical discomfort. This is one of the most popular stress control audio pieces around, despite not being named so.


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How to make the most of stress control audio

We often like to listen to audio on the go, but this isn’t the case when it comes to stress control audio. In order for these audio sessions to work, whatever style they be, you need to take the time out to engage with them. They often speak about being completely comfortable and in quiet place. They are often best heard with headphones as to isolate the listener. Other sounds could be distractions that break your focus.

REAL BLUE NC – These noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect solution to listen to stress control audio. They allow you to completely cut yourself off from the outer world and focus on what you are listening to.

Teufel One S – This compact wireless speaker is easy to connect to via Bluetooth or wireless. Meaning that you can listen to the stress control audio via your phone or other streaming devices.  Can also be connected to a CD player should you listen using a CD.

Music instead of stress control audio

Stress control audio despite its success, is something that hasn’t blown up on a mainstream scale like ASMR. The method itself is very demanding and not something you can listen to unless you make the time for it. And unlike ASMR there is no visual element to it. And in today’s world nobody has a second for themselves, and if they should, many won’t invest it in better their well being.

But what is popular, is music focused to help relax listeners, something similar to binaural beats. And these do actually work. A study by a Stanford University found that the rhythm may have an impact on brainwaves and help deal with stress and other related issues. Meaning that listening to the right music can also be a way to relax and deal with stress. This method could seem as subtler version of stress control audio and is probably more popular as listeners can listen to it while do other activities.


The wide range of different stress control audios allow you to find the perfect style for you. The benefits are tenfold and are an effective way to manage stress. Thanks to the ease of accessing the online world, the de-stressing sound solutions are everywhere, easy to use and allow you to fit them into your daily life. However, in cases of serious depression other treatment should be sort out. Audio is great to tackle daily stress, but in cases of extreme stress or depression please visit a local healthcare adviser. stress control audio should not be used as an attempt to avoid visiting the doctor.

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