How binaural beats can help sharpen your senses

Is sound the miracle cure for sleep deprivation or failing concentration? When we hear sounds at different frequencies in our ears it has an impact on our brain. And if listened to at the exact right frequency, it can have positive impact on our brains, this is where the so-called binaural come into play . From pure relaxation to a sharpened perception – whatever you need, binaural beats could be the answer you are looking for. So read on as we tell you how you can make the most of these fascinating frequencies.

It’s a matter of brain work: binaural beats and their effect

We all know that we hear with our ears, but it’s actually in our brains that auditory perception takes place. In our brain, the sound waves that are picked up by our ears are processed. If we listen to sound with two varying frequencies via headphones it could sound a little harsh and hard to listen to. But what is when the difference in the frequencies are extremely minimal?

Imaginary sounds

Binaural beats originate in the brain itself and cannot be perceived acoustically. The brain actually  generates this imaginary sound itself, its frequency corresponds to the difference between the frequencies of the two sounds hear in your ears. If you hear a sound at 400 Hz in the right ear and a sound at 410 Hz in the left ear, your brain creates binaural beats with a frequency of 10 Hz. Interestingly, our brains can still pick up on sounds that we ourselves can’t hear with our ears. Weird, right?

Brain frequency aimed to influence

In the human brain depending on what we are doing different frequency ranges occur. For example, when you learn there’s a lot going on in your head that you have to process, which can cause a lot of brain frequency. However, when meditating or in a deep sleep the frequency level drops radically. Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a Polish physicist, first discovered the ability that our brains create their own sound waves in 1839.  Ever since then, people have been experimenting with the effects different frequencies have on our brain.  They found that using different frequencies in each ear, can cause your brain to be either active or passive.

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What you need for an intensive listening experience

  • The most important piece of equipment you need is stereo headphones. Each ear has to be completely isolated from the other in order for the frequency different to be noticed by the brain.
  • You can find relevant recordings on YouTube or just by googling “Binaural beats”. We have a sample below.
  • In order for the brain to perceive binaural beats, the frequencies of the audio files must not exceed 1,500 Hz and the difference between each ear must not exceed 30 Hz. 
  • Another important factor to consider is to give yourself time to listen to the binaural beats. It can take around 15 minutes for any impact to take place, and it’s recommended to listen for around 1 hour or longer.

Here is a typical example for Binaural beats on YouTube: Individual elongated tones with different frequencies are usually accompanied by relaxing background noises.


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Binaural Beat in every situation

Like previously mentioned, in different situations our brains produce different brain waves/frequencies. Here are some examples in various situations:

  • Delta – 0,1 bis 3 Hz: This lower frequency range appears in deep sleep, while our bodies are regenerating cells.
  • Theta – 3 bis 8 Hz: This frequency occurs during meditation or in trances.
  • Alpha – 8 bis 12 Hz: When your thoughts are running and you’re not concentrated on one thing, alpha waves are produced.
  • Beta – 14 bis 38 Hz: When we’re trying to remain concentrated during work or need to focus on one thing the Beta sound wave range is produced by our brains.
  • Gamma – 38 bis 42 Hz: By quick thinking or registering complex information our brain produces gamma waves.

Listen to binaural beats with headphones from Teufel

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  • AIRY: feather light headphones. With these headphones you can enjoy music no matter where it is – or even listen to binaural beats to help you learn. Thanks to its easy size and weight you can take them wherever you want to go. Even in the library, so you can better enjoy your intensive learning session (hopefully).

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Conclusion: what binaural can do Beats

  • You brain automatically creates binaurale beats, when you listen to different frequencies in each ear.
  • The difference between the frequencies is crucial: The brain waves adapt to these.
  • Depending on the frequency you can either energize or power down your brain. The perfect tool to help you either focus at work or to settle to sleep at night.

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