“We gave ourselves to rock & roll, and now we can’t give it up”

New sound is best discovered live – opening for your favorite artist, on a little festival stage overshadowed by the headliner, or on the Teufel stage. Because we invited five artists to play their newest songs live just for us with audio support from Teufel products both new and classic. In part two of our series, we’re celebrating Loose Lips, three true-blue northern rockers from Oldenburg. What are you waiting for? Bring a new sound to your life today!

Eye for an eye by Loose Lips – the song from the Teufel campaign (YouTube Version)


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And interview with Loose Lips: We gave ourselves to rock & roll.

While other people in Germany enjoyed the reinterpreted novelty song Friesenjung, we decided to party with Loose Lips three true-blue northern rockers from Oldenburg. Playing a mix of grunge and alternative rock, musicians Jelto, Enno, and Joel decided to set their sights on 90s’ greats. Their catchy lyrics and a healthy dose of pop influences give this band a style all their own. Despite only forming in 2019, their songs have a very rehearsed, and balanced feel. Now onto our interview.

Teufel: How did you get into music?

Loose Lips: We’ve all been making music forever in different bands. We’re addicted to rock music. We listen to all possible genres, but rock was always our favorite. So, we all wanted to make something like that. I met Enno and I met Jelto, then I invited them both to a first practice session. After a while, it all got rolling. We recorded demos that same year, and since then we’ve been Loose Lips.

Teufel: How would you describe your sound?

Loose Lips: We mainly come from the world of stoner rock: lots of loud distorted guitars, lots of drum fields, a slightly harsher sound. But we wanted to bring in a poppier, nicer, more melancholic vibe than just punching people in the face with noise.

Teufel: What’s the most important thing about your music to you?

Loose Lips: We wanted to play a variety of music instead of just penetratingly loud and super fast – which is also something we play – but our most recent recordings also have quiet parts mixed in. A lot of messing with guitar effects, less distortion, to offer variety so there’s something for everyone, even those who otherwise have no interest in rock.

Teufel: What do you listen to in private, and what role does good sound play for you there?

Loose Lips: All of us listen to a ton of music every day, and we set out to listen to music in the best possible way. We have headphones that are good both for mixing and regular listening so you can hear every detail and enjoy it, then immerse yourself in the music.

Teufel: What are your associations with the Teufel brand?

Loose Lips: Everything I’ve heard and experienced says you make high quality products. And you always have. Like everyone I talk to about it says you make cool stuff. Good sound, sweet designs.

Teufel: If you were a song or a playlist, how would you sound?

Loose Lips: I don’t know if we as a band have any one song. Maybe Eye for an eye – an original. People who listen to a lot of our music will see that we try to have not just one song, but a lot of them.

Teufel: What do you want to achieve with your music?

Loose Lips: We’d really like to put out specific feelings and a certain vibe. We are happy to have as many people as possible listening and enjoying – doesn’t matter how. For me, playing live is why we make music – then you can share it live and get feedback for how it feels.

Don’t just listen to what you already know

Teufel: What are your tips for discovering new music?

Loose Lips:

  • When you listen to an album on Spotify, just keep listening and see what comes on next in the song radio.
  • Wander aimlessly at a festival without worrying about the timetable.
  • Don’t just listen to what you already know or what your friends say to listen to.
  • Just make a little discovery trip by yourself.

More sound by the Loose Lips

The official Spotify Playlist

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