Record Store Day 2024: Exclusive Vinyl Releases You Can Only Find in Record Stores

Every year, on the third Saturday in April, people come together to celebrate Record Store Day, when a large number of special edition singles, EPs and LPs are released for exclusive purchase at small record stores. This year, the 17th Record Store Day so far will take place on Saturday, April 20th. The idea behind it is to support independent vinyl dealers and their small businesses, which are often driven by pure passion. Here you will find Teufel’s recommendations for how to celebrate it this year.

About Record Store Day

Record Store Day (RSD) is a special day for small, independent record shops. Its purpose is to bring in more music shoppers to small businesses. The exclusive releases, mainly on vinyl, are made available only at registered stores, which must be independent of large chains. Even online storefronts are not eligible. So swing by your local record store and grab a copy of one of this year’s special editions.

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Those with speakers worth showing off are free to do so

Record Store Day has contributed to a Renaissance of vinyl music both in Teufel’s home country of Germany and around the world. A new generation of audiophiles discovered the warmer sound of records, and learned to appreciate a good collection. The trend can be viewed as a reaction to the mass availability of digital music from online platforms allowing streaming and purchase over the internet. However, there’s no reason for you to have to choose between vinyl and digital music. For many, a record player serves as just another way to listen to music at home.

RSD 2024

Record Store Day 2024 will be celebrated on April 20th.

The vinyl hype continues its forward march unabated. Constantly growing sales figures for the record industry mean it’s virtually assured that more music will continue to be pressed onto wax. What once seemed unimaginable, is today a reality: vinyls have officially surpassed the CD as the most popular physical medium for music. The reason must be the mystique around records, which only seems to grow with every passing year. For many collectors, it’s the overall artwork around the vinyl, from the case to the records themselves, which come in increasingly fanciful designs. No download or silver plastic disk can tickle the imagination, or offer the long-lived music enjoyment of a vinyl pressing. No wonder then that Record Store Day is quickly rising to become the biggest music event in the world.

A woman sets a vinyl onto a record player. In the background we see a Teufel THEATER 500S, which is a passive bookshelf speaker.

On Saturday the 20th of April, 2024, Record Store Day number 17 will mean another round of physical on-location shopping for rare exclusives. And that means music fans the world over will come together to fight for their favorite artist’s latest limited release.

Teufel Products for Vinyl Lovers


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Four Can’t Miss RSD New Releases

A close up of a box full of vinyl records. One record is half protruding from its case.

RSD’s Release List 2024 boasts 387 titles, including something for fans of nearly every genre of music. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorites to give you a taste of the overall picture. If you want to see a full list, take a look through RSD’s official website

Hot tip: Check out the list of 2024’s official Special RSD Releases

Blues Pills: Birthday / Don’t You Love It (RSD24 EX)

Swedish combo Blues Pills, which contributed to the modern rebirth of retro rock, will be release their new album Birthday, ten years after their debut album. You can already grab a copy of the 12″ single of the title track, a Record Store Day 2024 exclusive. Powerful-voiced singer Elin Larsson poses on the cover proudly with her baby belly. Fans can enjoy a little taste of the forthcoming album with this early release single.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Destruction (Zoetrope Picture LP)

A surprise for all fans of cult series Doctor Who: this year’s Record Store Day comes with an LP with a complete story from the series. Coming from a 1964 storyline, Zoetrope Picture LP was released to celebrate the series’ 60-year anniversary.

Donna Summer: Many States Of Independence

Many consider Donna Summer the Queen of Disco, selling an uncountable number of records since the start of her career in the 70’s. This year, an RSD special compilation of remixes of her 1982 hit single Many States of Independence will be released to delight fans. Though the remixes have been released previously, here they will be put in one place for the first time. This is a great choice for all fans of 80’s music, or early electro.

Nas: illmatic: Remixes & Rarities

Nas has been on an incredible run of records the last few years, which has reawakened interest in his 1994 classic Illmatic, which defined the start of new school rap in the eyes of many. This year for RSD, Rare Tracks and Remixes from the archives will be released. And this should come in just as special a package as its content, so this is definitely one rap fans should try to get their hands on!

A woman sets a record onto a record player. On either side are Teufel THEATER 500 S bookshelf speakers.

Vinyl Bundles from Teufel

Theater 500 Kombo Vinyl 250

If you’re a fan of smooth sound, the THEATER 500 Kombo Vinyl is for you: one of the highest performance premium class speaker sets. This bundle is for those who want it all: the powerful 3-way THEATER 500 floorstanding speakers come together with 200-watt KOMBO 62 receiver, a team that can’t be beat. With punchy sound enjoyment, this set can stand up to even the most demanding music. And to round out the bundle, we have the DUAL DT 250 USB, a plug-and-play belt-drive record player.

Theater 500 Kombo Vinyl 250

Definion 3 + Denon 900H + Dual DT500 Bundle

The Definion 3 is a premium 3-way system with a patented SCA Coax Chassis for enhanced spatiality and optimized sound radiation, as well as three long-throw wok woofers with carbon diaphragms for high impulse fidelity. This bundle is complimented by the Denon DRA-900H Receiver and Dual DT 500 record player. Both offer incredible audio quality and workmanship good enough for the most demanding HIFI audiophiles.


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ULTIMA 20 Kombo

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