“We’re a positive clash of cultures.”

New sound is best discovered live – opening for your favorite artist, at a small festival showcase overshadowed by the headliner, or on the Teufel stage. That’s why we invited five artists to play their newest songs live just for us with audio support from Teufel products both new and classic. In part one, we wanted to introduce you to exciting Austro-Spanish duo ATZUR and their emotionally tinged brand of alt pop. What are you waiting for? Bring a new sound to your life now!

Nostalgia by ATZUR – the song from the Teufel campaign (YouTube version)


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An interview with ATZUR: we met on Tinder

ATZUR’s story began like all modern love stories – on Tinder. But instead of a situationship, this Austro-Spanish duo ended up getting themselves involved in emotionally tinged alt pop. Somewhere between north and south, warm and raw, Florence+The Machine and Woodkid, pop and punk attitude. Their first single, Running, has already garnered a lot of attention both in their home countries and abroad. In 2022/2023, they opened for US rock band Algiers on the German leg of their tour. We sat down with them for an interview.

Teufel: What got you into music?

ATZUR: We first met on Tinder. Paul already had some projects under his belt, but this was my first and still only project.

Teufel: How would you describe your sound?

ATZUR: We come from two different cultures. I’m from Austria, Patricia is from Spain. That makes us a positive clash of cultures. We represent a blend of wild southern energy, and northern mystique. The result is something epic.

ATZUR on the Teufel stage
ATZUR on the Teufel Stage

Teufel: What is most important to you in your music?

ATZUR: It’s about communication, getting through to people. That comes from the songs and the music itself. It comes from great vulnerability, but I think that vulnerability can make a connection with people. And that’s nice.

For us, good sound means powerful bass

Teufel: How do you listen to music in private and what role does good sound play for you there?

ATZUR: I really like to listen to music in the car. And there, bass is very important to me. And that’s a good match for our sound: because in our productions, we put a lot of value on subs and basses, etc. For us, good sound is powerful bass that comes through clear.

Teufel Blog: What are your associations with the Teufel brand?

ATZUR: Good quality and products that are sustainable because you can basically keep them forever. That’s something we also value a lot, the fact the products last and can be passed down from generation to generation, that’s what Teufel means to us.

Teufel: If you were a song or playlist, how would you sound?

ATZUR: This may come across a bit arrogant, but I think it would be our songs. To be clear: every song works with different moods and we don’t like every sound all the time. But it’s good like that. To us, it’s important to have songs that are more intimate, or sound more like a party so there’s a variety of songs that all speak the same language.

Teufel: What do you want to achieve with your music?

ATZUR: Our whole thing is getting through to people. Making a difference. We see it when we play festivals and concerts, when we see that people identify with our music and get emotional. That’s what we want to achieve.

Discovering new music: talking to people and listening to their recommendations

Teufel: What are your tips for discovering new music?

ATZUR: I think you should always talk to people and listen to their recommendations. But first of all, you should go to festivals and check out live shows at two PM, or on the little stages that aren’t so heavily promoted. Sometimes, these are the artists that become our favorites. That’s also true for concerts you go to. It’s worth paying attention to the opener. I think it’s a very good way to discover new artists you might like.

More sound by ATZUR

The official Playlist

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Their debut album Strange Rituals is coming out September 15th
ATZUR on Instagram
ATZUR’s official Webseite

Live dates: 24/11. at AERA in Vienna

ATZUR posing with the Teufel BOOMSTER

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