“Sitting in the studio and writing songs gives me a feeling of freedom”

New sound is best discovered live – opening for your favorite artist, at a small festival showcase overshadowed by the headliner, or on the Teufel stage. That’s why we invited five artists to play their newest songs live just for us with audio support from Teufel products both new and classic. In part three of our series, we wanted to tell you about charismatic singer-songwriter narou. What are you waiting for? Bring a new sound to your life today!

take your time by narou – the song from the Teufel campaign (YouTube Version)


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Interview with narou: thinking back on old memories

narou is a traveler. And not just because he lives between Vienna, Berlin, and Bali. Travel also defines his path musically. narou, who started producing in 2020 with his debut EP Good Company follows his own sound as a singer-songwriter while also allowing himself to be influenced by others. We sat down with this ambitious artist for an interview.

Teufel: narou, how did you get into music?

narou: I got into music through my dad, who made movie soundtracks for a long time. I used to hang out in the music studio as a kid, and learned to play the piano and guitar there.

Teufel: How would you describe your sound?

I get a lot of influence from other artists. It’s a mixture of indie, pop, R&B – very melancholy and nostalgic.

Teufel: What is most important to you in your music?

narou: If I break down the creative process, then I’d say I get a feeling of freedom when I sit in the studio and write songs.

I really appreciate having a good pair of headphones or speakers

Teufel: How do you listen to music in private and what role does good sound play for you there?

In private, I don’t listen to very much music because I spend all my time in the studio. When I’m at home or working out, I usually prefer podcasts. But I’d say that because I’m a producer and audio technician, it’s very important to me that sound be good. I really appreciate having a good pair of headphones or speakers that sound just the way I like.

Teufel: If you were a song or playlist, what would you sound like?

One song is hard. But I’d say if I were a playlist, then it would be a nostalgic and melancholy playlist you put on for a long road trip.

Teufel: What are your associations with the Teufel brand?

The first thing that comes to mind is that black speaker with the red T on it I’ve seen around. It’s honestly awesome how loud that thing can get given how it isn’t really that big.

Teufel: What do you want to achieve with your music?

I want people to feel supported in different moments, whether they’re nice or sad – and for people to listen to my songs in the future and always think back on those times.

To discover new music, listen to really old music

Teufel: What are your tips for discovering new music?

For producers, I’d say that when I’m sitting in the studio, what I personally do all the time to find new sounds is listen to really old music that has absolutely nothing to do with my sound, then take elements from that as samples, or build on stuff from those songs. Even if it doesn’t end up becoming part of the songs, often you discover new sounds you’d never heard before.

More sound by narou

narou’s third album, otherside, came out on June 29th 2023

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