True Wireless: Pipe Audio Directly into Your Ears – No Cables Required

Wireless headphones have been around for a long time – and in recent years, a new standard has conquered the audio market. True Wireless headphones don’t have a single millimeter of cable in their stripped-bare design consisting of nothing but a set of comfortable earbuds. But what are the pros and cons of this new standard and what are they best suited for?

Small, Space Saving, and Intricately Designed: This is True Wireless

The first generation of wireless in-ear headphones consisted of two earbuds connected with a cable. The only thing missing compared to traditional headphones was the long cable reaching all the way to the playback device. The music was transmitted using Bluetooth. That definitely helped reduce the mess of cables in our pockets and bags, making it easier than ever to use our phones or close our zippers. But still, they weren’t exactly one hundred percent wireless. Until the True Wireless standard came on the scene.

A young man in a hoodie wearing white AIRY TWS 2
AIRY TWS 2: maximum sound, minimum size

Comfort and Ease of Use

Once that last bit of cable was done away with, all that remained were the two separate earbuds. Now there’s nothing to get caught in your scarf, or loose cables tickling your neck when you’re jogging. True Wireless Headphones definitely brought an added comfort level compared to wired. In fact, sometimes they’re so comfortable, you forget you even have them in at all.

True Wireless Headphones are not only comfortable to wear, they are also easy to control. Teufel’s AIRY TWS 2 for example have touch controls for skipping tracks or accepting phone calls. This method of control is much less fiddly than having to press tiny buttons on the earbuds themselves.

Stuck in or Hanging out: the Perfect Fit

When it comes to True Wireless in-ear headphones, the fit is of particular importance. First off, no one wants to lose an earbud when walking down a busy street. Most True Wireless Earbuds come with silicon eartips in multiple sizes to accommodate consumers with different ear sizes. That way, if the earbuds feel too tight or too loose, you always have options.

Some manufacturers have opted for earbuds that hang off the ear with hooks rather than relying on suction in the ear canal. They don’t fit as tightly in the ear, which means more noise comes in from outside and the audio immersion is a bit weaker.

For in-ear headphones, a secure and tight fit is of key importance: you should be able to hop around a bit and have them remain in place. However, they also shouldn’t fit too tightly. Because that can make them uncomfortable to wear for longer periods.

Junge Frau trägt AIRY TWS 2 in Weiß
AIRY TWS 2: a good fit and maximum freedom of movement

Charging Case: a Power Bank in Your Pocket

In order to make True Wireless Earbuds so small, they can only be outfitted with very small batteries. That means the total battery life of the earbuds themselves is generally limited to a maximum of a few hours. However, that is not a big problem, because you always have your separate power bank close at hand. Nearly all True Wireless in-ears are supplied with a small carrying case, which has a larger battery of its own and can be used to charge the headphones. This charging case is highly practical and makes it so you can store your earbuds easily and always keep them together.

The case then must be regularly charged with a cable, or wirelessly if the feature is provided. The case can also usually charge the headphones several times fully.

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What Are True Wireless Headphones Best Suited For?

Listening Together With no Delay

One person gets the left earbud, the other gets the right. It’s a great way to listen to music or watch TV together with a friend or partner on long train rides. The times when you had to sit way too close to share headphones because of the short cable are long gone. No longer will the headphone be ripped from your ear because your girlfriend leaned two inches to the left. True Wireless in-ears are the perfect way to share music. You can both lean however you want, and the music will come through loud and clear.

A young woman wears a black pair of AIRY TWS 2 headphones
No matter what you’re up against – True Wireless in-ears are the most flexible way to enjoy.

Relaxing and Falling Asleep Made Easier

One of the biggest advantages of True Wireless in-ear headphones is that you can hardly tell they’re there if they fit right. That makes them ideal for relaxing. If you’re listening for example to a meditation podcast with True Wireless Headphones, background noise will be eliminated more effectively than it would by a speaker; you also won’t have a cable touching your skin. ASMR videos are also especially intense with True Wireless headphones. You won’t miss a single detail and you’ll easily be able to relax.

If you use music, podcasts, ASMR or other audio tracks to help fall asleep, wired headphones are not the right choice. True Wireless in-ears will not bother you or get tangled around your body..

More Freedom of Movement for Exercise and Housework

True Wireless In-Ear headphones mean you can take good sound wherever you go, and the lack of cable means you can move however you like. That comes in especially handy for working out – whether indoors or out – but it’s also useful for housework: if you are going from room to room, but want to keep hearing music, audio books, or podcasts, these little earbuds make that no problem. That is especially practical for physical activities like vacuuming or cooking. For cooking, it also makes it easier to listen to video instructions while you’re making the dish, even with the extractor hood running at full bore. With True Wireless Headphones, you won’t miss a step, and the end result will come out perfect.

Frau mit Smartphone telefoniert draußen und trägt dabei die REAL BLUE TWS 3 von Teufel
Inside or ot: the REAL BLUE TWS 3 go where you go.

True Wireless: Pros and Cons

Here is a compact overview of all the good and bad things about True Wireless in-ears.

Saves a lot of spaceNo wired connection option
Charge on the go with transport caseJust a few hours of battery life
Lightweight, cable-free design allows maximum freedom of motionSmall size means they can go missing easier
Don't get in the way of activities or relaxingLess immersive sound than with over-ears

When it comes down to it, you really just have to find out for yourself whether you prefer in-ears or big over-ear headphones. Our headphone test can help you make your mind up, though.

True Wireless In-Ears by Teufel – It Doesn’t Get Lighter Than This


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AIRY TWS 2: In our Berlin labs, we souped up the audio performance of our AIRY TWS headphones even more. With their heavy-duty linear HD drivers, we were able to add bass performance and reoptimize audio resolution. And Active Noise Canceling (ANC) added another killer feature – shut out your environment or let it in clearly by turning on Transparency mode.


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REAL BLUE TWS 3: Want to kick it up a notch? Then check out these in-ears and take a listen! You can also use them to blend outside noise out with Active Noise Canceling. The eartips come in different sizes as well for a comfortable fit.

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Conclusion: Chuck the Wires Overboard!

  • Enjoy total freedom of motion and a weightless feeling in the ear with True Wireless.
  • No need to worry about losing them: these earbuds fit securely in the ear and can even stand up to exercise. When not in use or charging, they come in a supplied charging case.
  • In-ear, on-ear, over-ear? Figure out what you need before you buy – by reading our headphone advice article, for example.
  • Futureproofing: new smart phone models are coming with no audio jack.

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