Finding the perfect party speakers

Listen up party people, we have something for you! There is no doubt that a good party needs a great playlist – and deserves even better sound. Whether you want chill background music for an intimate dinner party or you’re more into moshing through the night, your party playlist can create the perfect atmosphere and give your guests an unforgettable experience. Party of the year? We say party of the decade. So, without further ado, let us explain the ins and outs of finding the perfect party speaker.

The perfect speaker for your next event

Good music is a constant fixture of social events. It might not always be the focus, but it is a key factor in creating the perfect mood. However, different speakers are better suited to different types of get-togethers. But if it’s perfect sound you’re after, you certainly have your work cut out for you. The selection of great sounding speakers on the market today is simply enormous! So to make it easier, we have broken down what you might want out of a speaker, and what good speakers should be able to do so your next shindig can showcase your favorite tunes in top quality. Let’s start with some simple tips:

  • Tip 1: Pay attention to the quality of the speaker. Even if it means shelling out a little extra cash, good speakers can make all the difference for your party and everyday life. Nobody likes bad, tinny and bland sound. Music should be fun to listen to.
  • Tip 2: Don’t be tempted to play the music too loud. Especially at private parties, music tends to take a back seat since people want to talk. If they have to fight against music that is much too loud, it can end up having a rather negative effect on the mood. Of course, music should still be audible, but it shouldn’t drown out conversation for a long time. There is one small exception, though: when that one song comes on the playlist that gets everyone dancing. Turn it up!
  • Tip 3: Think about the size of your event. Depending on the size of the party, you will need a different type of party speaker, which we will cover in more detail later. Just remember the following rule of thumb: small party = small speaker. Big party = big speaker. Got it?
  • Tip 4: Set up your speakers correctly. While it doesn’t matter where the speakers are located in small rooms that don’t need super loud sound anyway, at larger parties you should consider where to place the speakers so that the music fills the room amply and equally from all sides. At outdoor parties this is a little trickier, but still feasible. Try different set ups when setting up the system.

Garden party: special speakers for outdoors

Teufel Rockster Motiv 2
Teufel Rockster

What does a typical garden party look like? Well, it’s probably rather big with quite a few people, cold beer, and good food. Loud music to fuel the mood, maybe a few grilled hotdogs and nibbles on the table. With regard to the right party speakers, the size of the event plays a major role, as a larger and more open area will be filled with more people, and thus loud background noise.

Many solve this problem by simply setting up their 5.1 system from the living room outside. From our point of view this is not a good idea, especially if it is a more valuable system. What you need are larger speakers, preferably wireless and powerful (for volume) and precise in sound (no roaring or over-bearing). Such speakers can be positioned anywhere in the garden and, despite uni-directional projection, are capable of enveloping the garden in a perfect sound stage.

Teufel tip: In our own range, for example, the Rockster is very suitable for outdoor use. Not only does it last a long time, it also delivers powerful performance and perfect sound especially for such events.

After-dinner drinks: speakers for smaller occasions

Picture a small party on the balcony or terrace with delicious food and drinks, a good atmosphere and rather quiet music in the background. Obviously, unlike a big garden party, a powerful speaker system is not needed here.

What you have is a small group of people in a manageable area. What you need is a small, wireless Bluetooth speaker that you can put anywhere and still guarantee top sound regardless of size. These are the perfect party speakers for your little soirée, in our opinion. They will last all evening and guests can also connect their phones to share their favorite music.

Boomster Lifestyle Akku
The Boomster

Teufel tip: Depending on the space and budget, you could get a cool looking speaker like our MOTIV® GO. Or, as seen in the picture above, the BOOMSTER.

Beach party: portable speakers

A soft sandy beach at dusk with the sound of the waves and perhaps a crackling campfire. Here, like all parties hosted away from home, the speaker should be suitable for outdoor use, and above all easy to transport.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are perfect for this – they have no problem bringing music to the beach. Strong batteries and connection options with smartphones like Bluetooth must be taken into account; but also, if you plan on streaming, make sure your location has cell-phone coverage.

Teufel tip: We have several solutions in our range. You can check out our outdoor speakers here.  If you’re throwing a small get-together, the ROCKSTER GO or BOOMSTER GO might be perfect. If you need more power, you could consider a ROCKSTER CROSS or BOOMSTER. And if you really need to crank it out, the all-new ROCKSTER AIR 2 can fuel a whole beach rave, even allowing wireless stereo pairing. If you’re going off-grid to a more remote beach, we even partnered with deuter to make a special backpack for carrying it around.

House party: Optimum sound with 5.1 systems

theater 500 5.1 surround set

And the final scenario: you have a lot of people in a relatively small space (depending on room conditions), louder music, a good supply of drinks and snacks in the kitchen – sounds like the perfect house party. But when it comes to the right party speakers, you have to be careful. Sure, maybe a simple stereo will be enough, but  when the party really gets going, it won’t deliver the power that you want for a proper dance-off. You need a system with excellent performance, high-definition sound and the ability to produce sound from different positions at the same time. Ideally, a 5.1 system or really good stereo.

The advantage of good sound systems is that the overall volume can remain low because there is even more precision in the sound – that means no roaring. If the party takes place in several rooms at the same time, a speaker web could be useful, where different speakers are networked and play the same music at their respective locations using multi-room technology.

Teufel tip: We recommend the Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 system or the THEATER 500 stereo system. Not just great for a party, but for your home entertainment system too.

Do you have any other ideas and tips when it comes to choosing party speakers? Leave us a comment.

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    23. Mar. 2020, 11:55

    One can even use some smaller waterproof bluetooth speakers on lilos and other floating devices during a pool party, which can often be a more affordable option to get crisp sound in the pool itself!

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