HD Vinyl: What are the benefits of the super-vinyl?

We’ve heard it a thousand times before – vinyl is back. Despite everything in the digital world getting smaller and more compact the vinyl remains large and in charge. But while the technology of turntables has constantly evolved, the production and technology of the black discs have remained unchanged for decades. But now an Austrian company now wants to use laser technology to produce the record of the future, HD vinyl.

High-Definition sound for Vinyl

Rebeat an Austrian company from Tulln, worked together with Joanneun Research to develop technology that makes vinyl more efficient and quicker to produce, which plans to improve the quality.  We love the retro-feeling that vinyl provides, but in today’s world we’ve slowly become more accustomed to crystal-clear HD sound. We’re now hyper picky and want both, and that’s exactly what Rebeat aims to provide – the classic vinyl feeling that we love combined with exceptional audio quality.

TEAC TN-300 Plattenspieler mit offener Abdeckung
Der TEAC TN-300 Schallplattenspieler kann HD-Vinyl abspielen

> Link tip: HDVinyl.Org – Info website about HD Vinyl

From Vinyl to HD Vinyl: What’s new?

  • Instead of a cutting machine, a laser mills the grooves into the press template from which the records are pressed.
  • The laser works more precisely and the grooves are closer to each other.
  • The playing time of a HD record is increased by 30 percent.
  • Volume and sound quality benefit significantly.
  • Less chemicals are used in production, which is good for the environment.
  • The manufacturing process is now faster


HD Vinyl players that meet the demand

In the last few years the demand for vinyls has been so strong that they can’t be produced quickly enough. The manufacturing and technical process are often old and can’t keep up with the seller’s needs. With the new production process from HD Vinyl, vinyls can be made a lot quicker. That allows the manufacture a little more room to handle new orders, especially if they’re last minute.

Teufel's TEAC TN-300
Precision for the best sound with the TEAC TN-300

Compatible new Technics

If you’re worried that you can only listen to the HD vinyls with a special sort of a player, don’t worry the company behind this revolution claims you can listen to their new vinyls with older vinyl players. So that means a special vinyl player doesn’t need to be created. So it doesn’t matter if it’s the some old heirloom from Granddad, or more current player like TEAC TN-300 – a class sound experience is guaranteed.

But don’t forget about a powerful stereo system to go with the HD vinyls. When you’re a fan of vinyls, then make sure that your sound system supports vinyl. To play vinyl you need a phono port, and not all modern devices have this.

Kombo 62 – the perfect partner for vinyls

Kombo 62
Kombo 62

Our complete sound system, the Kombo 62, is the ideal partner for vinyls. The system with its large floor-standing loudspeakers and stereo receiver distributes the sound of the vinyl disc in the best possible way throughout the room and leaves nothing to be desired:

  •  Versatile connections such as phono, cinch and TOSLINKE ports
  • Powerful 200-watt guarantee full sound
  • the system receives music via Bluetooth
  • Valuable materials such as polished aluminium emphasise the elegant design

Teufel Sound systems for the best sound for vinyls

Ultima 40 Kombo

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Conclusion: HD Vinyl prepares our beloved LPs for the future

  • With HD-Vinyl, lasers provide for the sonorous grooves in the PVC discs.
  • Advantages include faster production with less chemicals and more music in better quality on one record.
  • Austrian company Rebeat has patented HD-Vinyl 2016,
  • Best of all: that even old record players can read the new discs.


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