Headphones for your work out

It’s a dilemma that many athletes face: you want to listen to music or podcasts whilst you run, but struggle to find suitable headphones. We explain which headphones are suitable for working out and what you should pay attention to when choosing the right headphones for sport.

Headphones have to adapt to your workout

Over-ear headsets can get in the way when doing sport, so runners and gym-goers usually opt for in-ear headphones. But the type of headphone should not be the purchase criteria you take into consideration. Tried-and-tested rubber ear plugs, or ear adapters, which fit in the auditory canal – also known as earbuds – are particularly practical, whilst models with a plastic structure and no separate ear adapters are less so.

Rubber attachments also have the advantage of being available in different sizes. Ear hooks, which are attached to the earbuds, can also provide additional support to prevent the buds from falling out. However, you should keep in mind that they sit on the skin and can therefore also interfere with sports.

Important features for sports headphones

Obviously, running can be a sweaty activity, so headphones intended for use whilst jogging should be water-resistant. The Ingress Protection rating, or IP code, provides information on how resistant headphones and other electronic devices are against water. These are specified as a two-digit number (eg IP 65). The second figure refers to water protection. We recommend a protection class of at least 4. This indicates that the headphones are protected against spray water and will not be harmed even in rain showers.

The first digit indicates the “touch protection” – in other words, whether the headphones are protected against dust. Speakers and headphones with ratings of 5 and above are protected against dust build-up.


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Don’t trip over your cable

The connecting cable between your headphones and the input device can often restrict your freedom of movement. It can become tangled, be too conspicuous or too short when in your trouser or jacket pocket. The best solution is to do away with the cable altogether. Nowadays, Bluetooth components are so small that they can be integrated even in in-ear headphones. Our Bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy your music on-the-go without the fuss of cables.

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Always stay in control of your music

Even if you have a killer work out playlist, you might still want to skip a track every now and then. It is therefore handy if you don’t need to take your smartphone or iPod out of your bag, pocket or holder in order to use it. The solution? Control buttons, which are attached directly to the cable of the headphones. If you do not use a cable (see above), you can attach the device to a sports strap so that it can be easily reached at any time.

Don’t go off-track

The last point does not relate directly to the headphones, but the playback of music while running. Many runners say that music is fun to play, but the problem is that their own running tempo and rhythm adapts to different songs. You lose, so to speak, control of your own pace. The solution? Music, which adjusts itself to the runner and their tempo, not the other way round. There are a number of apps that make this possible. For example:

  • Spotify (Running): This Spotify feature recommends music according to your running tempo, or more precisely, the number of steps you take per minute. Your rhythm won’t be thrown off by slow sections or silent intros.
  • RockMyRun: This app also uses the number of steps per minute as a basis and offers a selection of music according to BPM. The big difference to Spotify is the choice of music. These mixes, or DJ sets, are mixed specifically for running. There is no comparable selection on Spotify.

Teufel MOVE BT: Experience nothing but great sound

Teufel MOVE BT sind ideale Kopfhörer zum Joggen
The Move BT with practical control element and silicone earpieces

The Move BT offers everything that you need for sport-suitable headphones. They are sturdy, the silicone earbuds fit snugly in the auditory canal and they are available in different sizes. In addition, the Move BT comes as wireless Bluetooth headphones.

A few of the highlights of the Move BT:

  • ▶ High-end driver with a neodymium magnet for impressive sound across the entire frequency range.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX for a dynamic, defined sound.
  • ▶ Chassis aus leichtem und gleichzeitig robustem Aluminium mit Schutz gegen Sprühwasser und Staub. Lightweight chassis made from robust aluminum with protection against water spray and dust.
  • ▶ Control buttons on the headset for volume and answering calls.

Conclusion: In-ear headphones are the best for sport

  • Wireless in-ear headphones with ear buds are generally best suited for sports because of the good fit and light weight.
  • The earphones should be at least class 4 (meaning that they are protected against water spray).
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to avoid issues with connection cables.
  • Control elements on the headphone cable allow you to operate your music player without taking it out of your pocket.

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