Stadium sound from the comfort of your own sofa

“Allez les bleus”, calls of Schlaaaand, the Icelandic Haka, the infamous vuvuzela – every big football tournament has its own soundtrack. The question is whether and how the atmosphere of the stadium can really reach your living room. The tiny speakers of flat-screen TVs are more likely to kill the mood than heat it up. We explain how you can improve your TV sound with active speakers and enjoy optimum sound for the World Cup.

What does “active” mean for a speaker?

Compared to conventional (passive) loudspeakers, active loudspeakers have the advantage that they are also ready to play without other playback devices or amplifiers. Conventional stereo or multi-channel systems, however, require an external A/V receiver or amplifier in addition to the speakers. In the active version, an amplifier is already integrated in the speaker cabinet.

There are numerous options as to how the connection might look, depending on the TV and speakers. With an active stereo set, usually only one of the speakers is connected to the TV or other player. The other is only connected to the active loudspeaker as a passive speaker. Both wireless and wired versions are available for connecting the active speaker to the TV set.

Wired solutions for connecting active speakers to the television:

Wireless solutions for connecting active speakers to the TV:

The active version of the Ultima 40 shows you how easy it is to set up a ready-to-play system.

  1. ❶ Connect the passive speaker to the active speaker using the supplied speaker cable.
  2. ❷ Connect the loudspeaker to the power supply via the mains plug.
  3. ❸ Connect the active speaker to the TV via RCA, TOSLINK or HDMI (ARC).
  4. ❹ Optionally connect an active subwoofer to the SUB-OUT output.

Teufel soundbars – our one-man bands

Strictly speaking, soundbars and sound decks are also active speakers; here, too, the complete equipment including amplifier is integrated into the soundbar. Thanks to sound processing standards such as Dynamore®, soundbars can envelop you in an authentic sound stage in front of the TV.

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Stadium sound

So what is particularly important for the sound reproduction of sports broadcasts? Of course, the stadium sound should be played in the living room as powerfully and authentically as possible. Also, commentator voices should be clearly understandable. In short, a wide variety of frequencies and sound sources must be reproduced. This is not an easy task for speakers. In the case of inferior speakers, a diffused, rather distorted sound image can be produced, which doesn’t evoke the true atmosphere of the stadium.

Active speakers can develop the sound power that most flat-screen TVs lack through a 2 or 3-way design. In combination with a powerful amplifier, a differentiated and powerful sound can be produced across all frequency ranges.

Teufel turns up the volume for the World Cup

The Ultima 40 are very well suited as active speakers for TV sets.
You can operate the Ultima 40 Active remotely with the Puck Control.
  • Ultima 40 Aktiv: The Ultima 40 Active speakers combine outstanding stereo quality with the functionality of passive speakers. This results in a powerful active set, which will please music lovers and also raise TV sound to epic levels. With HDMI ARC, a single cable is all it takes to connect the TV to the speakers.
  • Trios 3.1 Set: This speaker system is a guarantee for outstanding sound. The Trios set consists of a subwoofer and high-quality processed soundbar, which delivers massive Hi-Fi sound. The soundbar houses a 2-way system with 12 drivers, driven by a 465-Watt amplifier.

Teufel Streaming speakers and soundbars


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Conclusion: improve TV sound with a soundbar or active speakers

  • Small speakers integrated into flat-screen TVs generally struggle to convey a stadium atmosphere.
  • With a wide frequency range and a diffused sound image, stadium sound for televisions presents a particularly big challenge.
  • Active speakers with integrated amplifiers are easy to install in the living room and greatly improve the TV sound.
  • Soundbars are a powerful alternative to active stereo sets.

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