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40 Year Teufel: Hollywood soundscape of the Techno city

The 90s were marked by reunification. It wasn’t only in Berlin that one had the feeling of being in a place where everything could happen. They were years of trying out and discovering, even for devils. Musically always present were the booming beats of techno. The second part of our review of 40 years of Teufel.

The rise of techno

What started with band Kraftwerk, became mainstream in the 90s, making the band a worldwide phanomin. Techo, house, tribal also became popular in clubs across the world getting people to dance the whole night through. One of the legendary locations and the place to go was Tresor.

Tresor opened in 1991, it was named after an old shopping centre Tresorraum, which was closed since DDR times. Tresor, thanks to DJs such as Sven Vaeth and Carl Cox became renowned for its parties. And overnight, Berlin became the centre of the techno scene.

In the video below, a club goer has take a film of life inside the legendary club, despite it being forbidden. It gives us good example of how life might have been in the 90s.


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Techno also conquered the streets. The Loveparade, organized by Dr. Motte for the first time in 1989, had only 150 participants, who were dancing behind a VW bus. But soon more than one million ravers celebrated in Berlin across the Straße des 17. Juni, as the 1998 recording proves.

Berlin, Love Parade, 1998 – source Wikipedia

Boy bands and One-Hit wonders

But there wasn’t just techno. In retrospect, the bands of the 90s consisted almost exclusively of teen boys. It was without question the time of the boy bands: The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Take That and many more made teenagers scream. But also the Spice Girls celebrated their debut in the 90s and ran on the radio as well as on MTV and VIVA just as high and low as Whitney Houston, Die Ärzte or R.E.M. Some artists remained one-hit wonder: Fools Garden with Lemon Tree, Aqua with Barbie Girl or Lou Bega with Mambo No. 5.

Not just a heart for boy bands: active systems from Teufel hit the markets.

Fancy a trip back in time? In the following video you  can listen to the 100 biggest hits of the 90s:


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Top offers to celebrate 40 Years of Teufel:

Rom-coms and blockbusters: cinemas in the 90s

The 90s was also an exciting time for the cinema. Rom-coms became popular: Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, As Good As it Gets  – and the list goes on. Of course, amongst these were other films that became a part of the 90s culture.

A small selection of beloved films from the 90s:

  • Silence of the Lambs 1991
  • Jurassic Park 1993
  • Pulp Fiction 1994
  • Trainspotting 1996
  • Léon  1994
  • Titanic 1997
  • Fight Club 1999
  • Matrix 1999

A classic from the 90s: Pulp Fiction from Quentin Tarantino


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Teufel in the 90s: Theatre and Hollywood power

Within our own four walls, Teufel increasingly provided the best sound. No wonder, because Teufel relied on strong sound expertise from Hollywood – THX. And to make it sound like a real cinema even in small rooms, they just created the smallest THX system in the world, the System 5 THX.

> Reading tip: that is THX

40 Years of Teufel: The Video


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Soundscapes: Teufel’s Theater series ensures delight

Home cinemas, which considerably increased the enjoyment of films at home, also came into fashion due to the increasing distribution of DVDs. Not least thanks to the ever improving soundtracks.  Teufel was involved from the beginning and made a big grin on the sofas with his theater series which still exists today.

Teufel Theater 1: when sound becomes legendary.


Teufel’s home cinema Theater 1 was so well received that Teufel developed several improved successors in the following years (such as the no less popular Theater 2) and other variants to meet the great demand.

front cover of the Teufel prospect
Prospect from the 90s: Die Teufel Surround-World ensure big home cinema sound

Car Tuning – Teufel let the car windows shake with the AM 250

Nowadays hardly anybody comes up with the idea of first cutting open the door panel or the rear shelf of his car, then rebuilding it and laying several meters of cable, just for a deeper bass. But in the 90s it was different. As a proud driver, you couldn’t have enough decibels.

Pimp my ride: Teufel also ensured beats on the go

And there was also a Teufel prospect for hi-fi sound in cars.

Only real with a dust cap

The legendary Teufel AM 250 Woofer with a stylish Teufel dust cap brought the needed sound in many pimped cars.

Snippet out of the Teufel AM-250 advert

The Berlin way –  Teufel starts selling directly

Another innovation at Teufel was direct sales. The result was more favourable prices with constant quality and the direct exchange with our customers, which also influenced our product development.

ultima 40 in a living room
Teufel does home theater. With the Ultima 40 Surround Home Cinema System for Dolby Atmos, you’ll be able to create a top-notch movie night.

Top deals to celebrate 40 Years Of Teufel:

Typical 90s: Fashion right for clubbing

As far as technology was concerned, things went super in the 90s – one innovation chased the next. But what did we actually look like? The trends of the 90s already took some getting used to. For example, women often wore dresses with spaghetti straps over jeans and shirts to tattoo necklaces. But in fact the fashion of the 90s is currently back in fashion. Displaying the centre of the body in belly-free tops, wearing a wide, white T-shirt or wrapping yourself in jeans fabric from head to toe – all this is back in fashion today.

Young lady with choker around her neck, and cherry in her mouth.
Choker were THE accessories in the 90s.

Also net shirt, flare pants, platform shoes and multicolored pearl bracelets as well as the tattoo in the coccyx region often called “tramp stamp tattoo” adorned many people. On numerous heads you could see hedgehog-like cuts or crepe highlights; the make-up was mostly exciting and colourful: blue mascara or silver lipstick were the order of the day.

Home cinema from Teufel – then just like now, high class

Theater 500 surround sound speakers
The home cinema Teufel Theater 500 is real breath taker.

Theater 500 Surround “5.1-Set”: We’ve developed the proven home theater system further and now present you with the Theater 500, a top-class 5.1 home theater experience. No noise escapes you, the bass penetrates through you and thanks to dipole speakers with undirected radiation, you experience the film sound just like in the cinema.
System 6 THX AVR for Dolby Atmos “5.2.4 Set”: You’ll be happy without a wish with this power package. Dolby Atmos high-frequency speakers, two subwoofers and a THX license are just some of the components that make this set one of our strongest.

> reading tip: 40 Years of Teufel part 1 – the 80s

More home cinema systems from Teufel


To the Concept E 450

A quick look at the 90s:

  • 1990: The reunification on October 3, which brought East and West Germany together after more than 40 years, is undoubtedly of the greatest importance for the start of the new decade.
  • 1991: The Soviet Union finally disintegrates and Boris Yeltsin becomes the first democratically elected president in Russia.
  • 1992: On 7 February the European Council signs the Maastricht Treaty, laying the foundations of the European Union.
  • 1993: Erich Honecker leaves for Chile, where he lived until his death in 1994.
  • 1994: Nelson Mandela becomes the first black president in South Africa.
  • 1995: The duo Los del Río releases the song Macarena and gives us not only a catchy tune, but also a dance choreography, which at that time almost everyone dominates in their sleep.
  • 1996: A very special sheep is born this year: Dolly, the first cloned mammal, becomes world famous.
  • 1997: Lady Di’s fatal accident shakes people all over the world. The funeral service on September 6 is watched by about 2.5 billion television viewers. Elton John rewrites one of his plays in honour of Lady Di: Candle in the Wind.
  • 1998: The Lewinsky affair around US President Bill Clinton also determines the reporting from the USA in Germany for months.
  • 1999: The euro is first introduced as book money – the changeover to a single European currency begins.

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