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When to wall mount speakers

There are many reasons a person might want to wall mount speakers. Wall mounting helps accommodate speakers in smaller rooms and protects speakers from curious children and pets. It’s also an easy way to place smaller satellites at the right height for enjoying an optimal sound. Read on to find out more about how to properly wall mount speakers.

What types of speakers can be wall mounted?

Teufel surround speaker

In theory, every speaker in a surround sound system can be wall mounted. Certain subwoofers can even be hung on a wall. Normally, of course, the sheer bulk of a subwoofer make this an impractical option. Likewise, tower speakers were designed for floor and not wall placement.

The key determination with wall mount speakers is the size of the speakers and whether they include keyhole brackets or other elements that allow them to be easily attached to a surface. All speakers in the Cubycon Complete system including the flat subwoofer, for instance, can be wall easily mounted.

Where to wall mount speakers

One of the chief sources of anxiety when wall mounting speakers is choosing an exact position. Since the placement of speakers on a wall involves the drilling of holes, the speaker’s placement will be fixed and should therefore be carefully chosen. But never fear! By following a few simple guidelines, it’s possible to place each speaker in such a way that you can enjoy the very best sound experience.

ideal speaker placement

Center speakers: Center speakers are popular wall mount speakers. Since this speaker needs to be placed between the two front speakers and near the screen, wall mounting the center above or below the TV is a popular option. Note however that if the center is placed below the screen, it should be at least 40 cm above the floor.
Front speakers: As already noted, if the front speakers are stereo towers, these can simply rest on the floor on either side of the television. However, systems that employ smaller satellites will have to place them on speaker stands, a shelf or wall mount them. Wall mounting is often the easiest option. It’s important that the speakers be placed at ear height and that they be placed equidistant on either side of the TV. In addition, there should be at least one meter of space between the speakers and any side walls.
Surround speakers: While larger stereo speakers are often used as front speakers, the surround speakers in a home cinema system are usually compact. This makes them ideal wall mount speakers. Surround speakers should be ideally placed 1.40 meters above the floor. This applies to direct radiating speakers as well as dipoles.

How to wall mount speakers

Most satellite speakers contain brackets that allow them to be easily hung from screws. Alternately, special wall mounts can be used. These are first attached to the wall and the speakers then attached to them. The advantage of wall mounts over screws is that they sometimes offer the ability to adjust the angle of speakers. Unlike front speakers, however, the surround speakers should not be angled towards the listener. Instead, the sound should first deflect off a surface which helps create a diffuse atmosphere.

Teufel VESA wall mount

Wall mount speakers from Teufel

Teufel speakers don’t just sound great, they were designed to be easy to integrate into any interior. The following options are available:

Direct wall mounting: Most of our smaller speakers like the Consono 25 Mk3 include keyhole brackets for easy wall mounting.
Optional wall mounts: Our VESA wall mount can accommodate a television, two front speakers and a center or even soundbar. This allows the user to install a single mount for the entire front section of a home cinema system.
Stands: For those who don’t like the idea of drilling holes in the wall, there is the option of speaker stands. Teufel speaker stands offer an attractive, stable way to place speakers at the perfect height.

Coda: Wall mounting speakers for more setup options

• All speakers in a home cinema system – including subwoofers – can be wall mounted
• Smaller, flatter speakers are ideal for wall mounting
• The same setup rules apply with wall mounted speakers as with those placed on shelves or stands
• Speakers can either be directly wall mounted or placed on wall brackets that are first screwed into the wall

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