VESA mounts for TVs and speakers

VESA wall mounts: The clever way to mount flat screen TVs – and speakers

Most people prefer their flat panel televisions hung on a wall. This generally looks good and saves space. The actual wall mounting, however, can be intimidating: Which mount goes with which television model? How much weight can a certain wall mount hold? The maze of different mounts and screw sizes can be difficult to navigate, but not to fear: VESA standards will get you out of the woods and on your way to enjoyable viewing. Read on to learn more.

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What is VESA?

Short for Video Electronics Standards Association, VESA establishes specifications and standards regarding display technologies. One example is the DisplayPort developed by participating manufacturers. More broadly used today, however, are the VESA standardised mounts for attaching flat screen TVs to a wall. VESA sets norms for screw sizes and the distance between their placement as well as the arrangement of the mounting holes.

Teufel VESA mount for TVs and speakers
Mount your TV, front and center speakers or even soundbar with Teufel’s VESA wall mount.

How to find the right VESA variant

VESA standardised TVs come with a few different mounting interfaces. To find out which one your television has, simply refer to VESA’s Monitor Mounting Guide. Each standard begins with the letters “MIS”, short for Mounting Interface Standard, followed by a letter from A to F. This refers to the types of standard. Next comes a number which indicates the distance between mounting holes. There are always four arranged in a square. For televisions and monitors, the standards between D and F are relevant.

• ✔ MIS-D: The mounting holes for this standard are arranged 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm apart. This standard was developed for monitors that measure no more than 23.9 centimeters diagonally and weigh no more than 14 kg.
• ✔ MIS-E: This standard was developed for mid-sized televisions and features a greater distance between the mounting holes of 200 x 100 or 200 x 200. MIS-E is perfect for televisions up to 30.9 cm and 22.7 kg.
• ✔ MIS-F: The distance between mounting holes for this wall mount is variable at 200 mm increments. MIS-F was designed for larger flat screen televisions weighing up to 113.6 kg.

Teufel VESA wall mount with extendable arm
Teufel’s VESA wall mount for TVs, satellites and soundbars

Note that some manufacturers simply given the name “VESA” in their technical descriptions followed by the distance between mounting holes, for instance VESA 200.

To find out which VESA mount matches your TV, simply refer to the instructions or technical manual for your television. Alternately, you can measure the distance between the mounting holes. The first number given is for the horizontal distance, the second for the vertical. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the weight of your television does not exceed the weight limit given for the VESA mount you intend to use.


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Teufel offers a VESA mount for TVs & speakers

The VESA mounts we have hitherto discussed are exclusively for televisions. This is the original intention for the flat display mounting interface. Many people, however, especially those who love engaging home cinema experiences, will also have speakers to mount. The market for home cinema speakers has been bigger than even since the introduction of sleek, flat screen TVs as they do not generally contain enough space for proper loudspeakers.

For this reason, Teufel developed a VESA compatible wall mount that can also securely hold either two front speakers and a centre or a soundbar. Measuring 600 mm across and 400 mm high, the VESA mount can accommodate screens up to 65 cm and 45 kg.

Arms on the left and right as well as bottom can securely hold a pair of front speakers plus centre or a soundbar. The arms can be extended, making it possible to include the sitting area between them. A handy cable guide gives the wall-mounted system a tidy look.

• Teufel satellite speakers from the following series are compatible with the VESA mount: Varion, Columa 300, LT 4, Cubycon and Consono

• The following Teufel soundbars are compatible with the mount: Cinebar 11, Cinebar 52 THX and the Raumfeld Soundbar

• Teufel’s wall mount supports mounting holes of at least 200 mm and up to 600 mm and a vertical placement of at least 100 mm up to 400 mm, making the following combinations possible: 200 x 100, 200 x 200, 200 x 300, 300 x 200, 300 x 300, 400 x 200, 400 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 200, 600 x 300, 600 x 400 (all measurements are in mm)

Coda: VESA mounts take the guesswork out of securing TVs to walls

• The Video Electronics Standards Association, known as VESA, standardizes wall mounts for flat panel TVs
• VESA standards determine the distance between the mounting holes on televisions
• The first number stands for the horizontal distance, the second for the vertical distance
• For televisions, the VESA standards D through F apply
• Teufel offers the VESA TV and loudspeaker wall mount for easily and safely mounting a flat screen TV and front speakers to the wall

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