Teufel Fan Profile: Volker and his “Disco2Go” ROCKSTER

With an extensive range of features, long battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s really little wonder that Teufel’s mobile sound system ROCKSTER often finds itself centre-stage at events and parties.

Teufel fan, Volker, has taken his ROCKSTER to the next level. A true feat of creativity and loving craftsmanship, Volker added headlights, an iPad holder, a smoke machine, black light, strobe light and even a beer bottle holder to transform the mighty Goliath into a complete “Disco2Go”.  The ROCKSTER is now a regular guest at various parties hosted by neighbours and friends, as well as at street festivals. The police have even joined in with the party. Still not enough for Volker, he decided to add a ROCKSTER XS to his personal collection, and personalised it accordingly. We thought is was high time for an interview.


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Video courtesy of Teufel fan Volker.

Teufel: Volker, the team at Teufel were so pleased to receive the pictures and videos of your “pimped up” ROCKSTER and ROCKSTER XS, with additions like the smoke machine. How did you come up with this idea?

Volker: Our local street festival inspired the decision to get a Teufel ROCKSTER. We were all living together in our small community [ed.: Volker lives in Rhineland-Palatinate] and decided to invest in our own music system.

The decision wasn’t difficult for us. Admittedly, we would have liked our own Teufel #Thundertruck, but for now we thought we would start out with the ROCKSTER. We are hoping to get a second ROCKSTER and expand our stereo system [ed.: two or more ROCKSTERs can be connected via XLR cable]. It’s just a little difficult to organise, because it would be a joint purchase for the community. But the ROCKSTER also makes for a powerful alarm and turns average parties into superparties.

The ROCKSTER alone was not quite enough for me, so I decided to build a complete event sound system whilst waiting for my delivery, with headlights, an iPad holder, a smoke machine, black lights, strobe lights and a beer bottle holder. I myself work in tech, so the project was really a lot of fun.

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Teufel : How long did the renovation take, and what exactly did you add?

Volker: I had been looking around online for the component parts that I needed to make these additions, and ended up buying most parts from the company Eurolight.

I made the base structure myself, and constructed everything in such a way that the ROCKSTER would remain mobile.

I wanted to make the light wands from aluminum, and went to my neighbour for help with that. And of course, I couldn’t miss out on a bottle opener. It’s a real man’s toy, so to say.

Volker with his finished project

Teufel: How do you use your Teufel products?

Volker: The entire ROCKSTER system has become a part of our community, and we have used it at many parties. Even the police wanted to join in on the fun, on the condition that we turn down the bass. It’s a shame, since it was the powerful sound that drew us to the ROCKSTER!

Just for fun, I bought the ROCKSTER XS for our family, and also added lights and a ‘smoke machine’, which started life as an evaporator on a model railway. It looks cool, and my kids think I’m the best because I made it – that’s what’s most important to me.

The ROCKSTER system is intended for adults, but will later also be used by our children for their parties. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Teufel: What kind of music do you like listening to?

Volker: Our family is pretty musical, and I listen to everything that makes me feel good. One of my favourite hobbies is to DJ on my ROCKSTER system. I play music from my iPad, the DJ2 app and my Spotify Premium account.

I even created two playlists on Spotify specifically to be played on the ROCKSTER. They are not publicly available yet [ed.: Volker has now made the playlist public, see below]. There is a “ROCKSTER devil” playlist, which is more bass-heavy, and “ROCKSTER angel” with all the best pop hits. Some tracks just have to be played to get the party started. Darude’s “Sandstorm” is a firm favourite and a real crowd-pleaser.

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Teufel: When did your have your first Teufel experience, and what does it mean to you to be a ‘Teufel fan’?

Volker: I first discovered Teufel via the blog and online shop. Then I came to Berlin on holiday and visited your flagship store. I was very impressed by the style, advertising and robust and manly design of both ROCKSTER models. I can only attest to the high quality of these products. Sharing my renovation project with you is a pleasure and makes me really happy. I send my warmest greetings to Berlin.

Teufel: Volker, thank you very much for the interesting interview. We wish you, your family and the whole community many good parties to come.


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