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Teufel Mania: Testing out the ROCKSTER XS

Teufel fan Eckard decided to try out the ROCKSTER XS with his electric guitar in our Teufel shop. Luckily, our in-store staff are prepared for almost everything and are also partial to an impromptu rock gig. Eckard was even able to test out the speaker directly on our acoustic stage in the basement (see cover picture), since this offerd more space than anywhere else in the store. When he started to play, we decided to take a little video – take a look at the results. Mini speaker, mega sound!

Eckard’s guitar is a Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Mod-X.

If you are in Berlin, why not come an visit us! Find out more about the Teufel flagship store.

Meet the family – Teufel’s new generation of ROCKSTERS!

Portabler Bluetooth Lautsprecher Rockster Air


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