Soundbar Cinebar Pro

Notes from Berlin: introducing the Cinebar Pro

Teufel set out on an ambitious soundbar project to make powerful TV sound even better. Cue the birth of the Cinebar Pro.

With its brilliant performance and comprehensive feature package, the new soundbar provides great sound for TV, films, music and games.

Cinebar Pro
Teufel Cinebar Pro
Soundbar Cinebar Pro
The Cinebar Pro delivers powerful TV sound

In the blog interview we asked a couple of our Teufel innovators, Ansgar (design) and Daniel (technique), what ingredients they used to cook up such a sound sensation.

The secret to great sound

Editorial: The Cinebar Pro is Teufel’s new powerful soundbar. What makes this soundbar more powerful than its predecessors and how long was the project worked on?

Daniel: We were actually able to generate even more power with the Cinebar Pro than its predecessor, the Cinebar 52 THX. Additional side-firing drivers enhance the acoustic experience with virtual surround sound using Dynamore Ultra.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Calibrating a Cinebar Pro in the Teufel Acoustic Lab.

Ansgar: The acoustic upgrade is also clearly highlighted in the exceptional design of the Cinebar Pro. The speaker housing is made from brushed aluminium and is of very high quality. Work on the first design sketches began in March 2016.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Cinebar Pro – first sketches

Ed.: What would you say was the biggest challenge in the development of the soundbar?

Ansgar: We have improved the appearance of the Cinebar Pro with the characteristic operating and display area while preserving the acoustic heritage of the Cinebar 52. In addition, it was important to maintain a creative connection between the Cinebar One and the Cinebar Duett.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Cinebar Pro soundbar

Daniel: Integrating the extensive electronics package consisting of HDMI, power amplifiers, power supply, display, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity within a compact space was certainly a challenge. In the end, everything has found its place.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Extensive connection options
Soundbar Cinebar Pro
A place for everything and everything in its place

Ed.: The soundbar has the Teufel T 10 subwoofer at its side, which is no light-weight when it comes to bass. Why was this subwoofer used?

Ansgar: The T 10 is the perfect wingman for the Cinebar Pro, because the subwoofer also holds its own in terms of powerful performance.

Daniel: The option for a wireless connection between the subwoofer and the soundbar with its low-noise Class-D amplifier was an ideal option for this project.

Subwoofer T 10
T 10 subwoofer

Ed.: Cinebar Pro wurde auch mit Teufel’s Dynamore Technologie für eine virtuelle Klangverbreiterung ausgestattet. Warum hat sich dies bei diesem System angeboten? The Cinebar Pro is also equipped with Teufel’s Dynamore technology for a virtual sound extension. Why was this feature chosen for integration in this product?

Daniel: Of course, a soundbar is a good choice for a virtual stereo expansion considering its form. The bar itself only takes up space underneath the TV. In other words, a space that is usually unused anyway.  The side drivers required for Dynamore were easily integrated at the ends of the soundbar.

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Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Cinebar Pro soundbar – side-firing speakers for panoramic sound

Ed.: What would you listen to on a Cinebar Pro at your home?

Ansgar: I would definitely re-watch watch both seasons of HBO Westworld and really enjoy the sound.

Ed.: Enjoy! Ansgar and Daniel, thank you very much for your time. We are already looking forward to hearing about more upcoming projects.

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Cinebar Pro soundbar

Find out more > See the Cinebar Pro on the Teufel webshop

Soundbar Cinebar Pro
Cinebar Pro soundbar – also streams via Bluetooth

Images: Teufel (all)

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