Teufel Mania Festwagen

Four boys from Germany create Teufel inspired festival wagon

Fabian, Marco, Nikals, and Ronny – four apprentices from southern Germany have recently used their free time to create a Teufel inspired festival wagon. It’s built with two ROCKSTER AIRs and one ROCKSTER for a powerful sound. And it’s packed by all sort of gadgets! We asked the four boys to tell us more about the story behind this product.

The Teufel inspired festival wagon on YouTube

A video was filmed by the boys themselves and given to us to use on our blog, just like with the photos. The wagon is full of great ideas, like a smoke machine and siren. This is wagon that will definitely make some noise in the south of Germany! But see for yourself:


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Fabian, Marco, Niklas und Ronny, introduce themselves…

Fabian: I’m currently completing my Plant Mechanic apprenticeship. In my free time, when I wasn’t working on the wagon, I liked to bike or play football with my friends.

Ronny: I am learning to be a painter and varnisher. I like to go biking with my friends or have a cosy evening with my crew. And create wagons, of course.

Marco: I am at the Technicker school studying mechatronics. I like to bike with the others or I like to get busy with my DJ desk.

Niklas: I am currently in an apprenticeship for mechatronics. I like riding my scooter, and go with the others biking or play my drums.

picture of the teufel festival wagon
The Teufel inspired festival wagon (curiosity of the boys).

How did you come up with the idea to create a Teufel festival wagon?

The boys:  We came to the idea through Niklas’ brother who has a small wagon, and we thought we could improve it. Then we started meeting up and started with with a block of wood and pen, and started to draw the outlines. We soon realised that we could do more and constantly improved the wagon. We are more than pleased with the result.

Teufel Mania music wagon
Teufel Mania festival wagon detail (courtesy of the boys).

What gadgets does the wagon have so far?

The boys: Here is the list of gadgets:

-3x 12V 100Ah hour batteries
-1x Smoke machine (1250 watt)
-1x 5 Tone La Cucaracha Horn
-1x LKW Horn
-1x 6 Tone Police Siren
-1x Police front flash (LED)
-1x LED Underneath lighting
-2x Voltage converter
-1x LED Strip

Teufel Air on the streets
2 of Teufel’s party loudspeakers – the ROCKSTER AIR – are built into the boys’ wagon.

How do people react when they bump into the festival wagon?

The boys: People always find the festival wagon cool. It’s the life and soul of the party. And people often ask how it was made.

When you’re on the go with the festival wagon, where can it be found and what music do you play?

The boys:  Live in Bodenseekreis (the boys home in southern German). Here we’re on the go at the carnival or festivals. We play what people wish for or from our own music favourites. There is no exact genre of music that we play, we play what is requested.

The Teufel festival wagon even has a fake logo ( Courtesy of the boys)

What was your first contact with Teufel and what does it mean to be a Teufel fan?

The boys: Our first contact with Teufel was a home cinema system, which friends of ours have at home. That’s the reason why Fabian decided to add a Teufel ROCKSTER. That was in principle the start for our muisc wagon. From there, Niklas decided to buy two Rockster Airs.

ROCKSTER in garage
It all started with a ROCKSTER like this…

It means a lot for us to be Teufel fans, because at Teufel there is no boundary for sound quality.  In other words, the reason is that regardless of where or when, you can have a heavy party that everyone loves.

Teufel Team: Thanks for chatting with us! Have a lot fun with your loudspeaker festival wagon!

Nighttime shot of the Teufel ROCKSTER AIR outside.
The ultimate party speaker ROCKSTER AIR

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