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Hybrid speakers with ethereal looks & a practical design

The Theater 6 Hybrid: a 5.2 set with heavenly looks by Teufel

Normally, when purchasing a speaker set you need to decide what’s more important to you: music or moves. Do you primarily sit in your living room sipping wine and listening to jazz, or are you more interested in watching the latest thriller in surround sound. Should you put up with your flat screen’s anemic sound and get a pair of proper floor standing stereo speakers exclusively for music, or opt for a 5.1 surround system and switch the satellites to stereo mode for that odd music session?

This decision can be agonizing for the truly voracious high-end media consumer who is into everything but prefers it in high fidelity and high definition. That’s why a few companies have developed sets that can do both well, and Teufel has many, such as the Ultima 40 Surround Set, the Theater 500 Mk2, and the Theater 400 Mk2. All of these feature serious floor standing stereo speakers with satellites, a centre, and an extra subwoofer.

The latest and greatest in a line of Teufel hybrids

But these arrangements can get a little crowded, which is why Teufel has developed a line of “hybrid” speaker sets that integrate the subwoofer into the standing speakers. The Theater 3 Hybrid, Theater 4 Hybrid, and the Theater  5 Hybrid were all amazing examples of systems where the bass was felt but not seem. The Theater 6 Hybrid is, according to senior project engineer Christoph Winklemeier, “the next logical step” in this development.

What’s new this time? The standing speaking containing the subwoofers are slimmer, for one thing. They would even be considered exceptionally slender by the standards of regular stereo speakers, much less ones containing additional subwoofers. This no only looks good, it makes the speakers easy to place anywhere. The musicality of the speakers has also been improved over the previous hybrids for a music playback that is comparable to that of our classic speaker surround sets.

An efficient design for perfect room integration

Although our name means “devil,” the Theater 6 Hybrid is heaven sent for those who want it all, but who don’t necessarily want to see it all. What’s really incredible is that this efficient design brooks no compromise. On the contrary, Teufel packed the Theater 6 Hybrid with many of its most high-end, sound optimizing features such as: a sealed enclosure, a recessed tweeter with a moulded waveguide, high excursion drivers,  and full-range dipoles speakers. Flexibility is built into the design with the front standing speakers able to work in stereo, as a 2.2 set, or as part of a 5.2 set. Likewise, the dipole speakers can be transformed into direct sound transducers with the flip of a switch.

And you won’t even have to sell your soul to afford the Theater 6 Hybrid, thanks to an amazing price on par with our other 5.2 systems. ;)

All pictures: Property of Teufel Audio

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