what is airplay

What is AirPlay?

The first thing you should know about AirPlay is that it is both a noun and a verb. AirPlay technology allows users to “AirPlay” content from Apple software to an Apply TV or AirPlay-enabled speaker. All that’s required for an iPhone or Mac to wirelessly communicate with an AirPlay-enabled playback device is that they share the same WiFi network. The best part is that AirPlaying is accomplished with the stability and ease-of-use Apple is famous for, making the enjoyment of movies, vacation pictures and music incredibly effortless.


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AirPlay for music streaming

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is AirPlay?” it’s time to examine what the technology means for music streaming. For Apple fans, the big advantage of AirPlay is that it frees iTunes collections from Macs, iPhones and iPod Touch devices for playback on AirPlay compatible WiFi speakers. This gives users great flexibility in terms of how they listen to music. It also allows for seamless transitions between listening on the go and at home. With AirPlay, continuing to listen to the tracks you enjoyed on a run is a simple case of “headphones off, speaker on.”

How to AirPlay

AirPlay is actually Apple’s second generation streaming technology. The first was called AirTunes and required an AirPort, or dedicated WiFi router for Apple devices. Today’s AirPlay works with existing routers so that an AirPort is no longer necessary. Along with a home WiFi network, all the user needs to AirPlay music is an Apple device running on iOS 4.3 or above and an AirPlay-enabled speaker.

For those with extensive iTunes music collections, AirPlay is a very good choice. The user can easily stream albums, songs and playlists already carefully collected and curated in iTunes. Those who want to experience whole house audio can easily AirPlay music to multiple speakers at once.

AirPlay in hi-fi sound quality with the iTeufel AirBlue

There is also a wide selection of speakers licensed for AirPlay to choose from, many of which offer hi-fi sound such as Teufel’s iTeufel Air Blue. The compact speaker contains a full 2-way system guided by a special “panorama” DSP for broad stereophonic sound along with an additional subwoofer for a 62 Hz low end. Powered by 100 watts, the streaming speaker is ideal for even larger rooms and true to its name, the iTeufel Air Blue also offers Bluetooth and Spotify Connect and alternate streaming methods.

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    02. Feb. 2021, 20:29

    I would love to see AirPlay 2 in your great Holist speakers.

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