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Cinebase sounddeck with Sonic Emotion

The Teufel Cinebase with Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D

Let’s be honest: For some people, the thought of setting up a 5.1 surround sound system is a nightmare. Others may simply be unwilling to fill a their living room with speakers, and some can’t stand the hought of all those cables. Often, there are concerns that small children or a mischievous pet might damage a larger, more expensive setup.

Not wanting or being able to have a full surround sound system doesn’t mean resigning yourself to sound as flat as your screen. New technological advances allow single speakers to approximate full surround.

The Teufel Cinebase: Immersive sound from a single device

Teufel’s Cinebase is just such a device. Not only won’t the Cinebase get in the way of your interior, its compact, robust form makes itself doubly useful by serving as a television stand. Simply place your television on top of the device and plug it in. That’s all the setup the system requires. You can now begin enjoying room-filling sound from a single enclosure that won’t cramp your style or clutter your room.

Some of the Cinebase’s features include:

  • Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D: Cutting-edge sound technology for truly immersive virtual surround sound anywhere in the room
  • CEC/ARC audio return channels: Allows you to control the Cinebase with a standard TV remote, easily and intuitively
  • Bluetooth and NFC technology: For easy wireless streaming from just about any mobile device
The Teufel Cinebase with Sonic Emotion technology

The Cinebase is nothing less that the smallest possible device for big home cinema sound. Packed with great connections and handy features, the Cinebase also has a secret weapon in its sonic arsenal: Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D.

What is Sonic Emotion?

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Sonic Emotion is a provider of sound enhancement technologies, for large-scale events and theaters as well as consumer electronics. The company’s Absolute 3D technology uses wave field synthesis to create virtual listening zones for truly immersive sound.  Even more impressive is that the sound remains dynamic and homogeneous and offers the user multiple ambience settings. The gives the user the ability to adjust the localization of the virtual sound sources.

The underside of the Teufel Cinebase. Shown are two downfiring woofers.

Three sound modes ensure that everything you want to hear is played back with a clarity, depth, and fullness that enhance your enjoyment of the source recording.

  • Sonic Emotion 1: Creates a stereo sound image for when you want to listen to music with the Cinebase. Thanks to Absolute 3D, you’ll be able to enjoy the same even and balanced tone anywhere in the room.
  • Sonic Emotion 2: Three dimensional sound with emphasis on speech intelligibility. This mode is perfect for movies with a lot of dialogue.
  • Sonic Emotion 3: Three dimensional sound with emphasis on power for high-impact sound. The 3D effect in this mode is even retained at lower volumes.

How is Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D different from other virtual surround technologies?

Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D is a sound technology that delivers a completely novel listening experience: 3D sound. With a truly 3D sound image, no matter where you are in the room, the sound is perceived as coming from all directions at the same level of intensity. Immersive, high-impact and balanced sound is the result.

To create a 3D sound image, Sonic Emotion uses the following techniques:

  1. Spatial analysis
  2. Physical Acoustics
  3. Psycho Acoustics
  4. Wave Field Synthesis

The use of all four techniques is what makes Sonic Emotion different from other virtual surround technologies. Wave field synthesis in particular is the core of the system. It allows Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D to create highly convincing virtual sound sources as well as to disperse the sound waves evenly in the room. In order to do this, the technology employs multiple drivers arranged side-by-side. This ensures that each source emits sound waves that partially overlap the others. The Sonic Emotion chip and 3D sound processor guides each driver so that every time a sound wave from driver A overlaps with a sound wave from driver B, driver B emits a signal. This effectively makes the drivers aware of each other, allowing them to work together in a very sophisticated manner.

Sonic Emotion holds multiple international patents and is implemented by means of a chip, a 3D sound processor, and corresponding software. With their help, a wide range of audio hardware can produce an authentic 3D experience. With the Cinebase, a combination of 6 drivers is used to generate 3D sound, but as few as 4, 3 or even 2 drivers can do the same with Sonic Emotion. Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D offers the special advantage that it’s compatible with just about any audio device. Sounddecks, headphones, and even smartphones can use this technology.

All pictures: Property of Teufel Audio

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