The acoustics of the Teufel One M

According to Nielsen Music’s 2017 mid-year report, there has been a 62% increase in on-demand audio streaming in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2016 – streaming services have fast become the most popular way to access music and are here for the long-run.

As such, we have our third generation of Teufel streaming devices with integrated Raumfeld technology ready and waiting to meet both new and old streaming fans. In this post we will introduce you to our new Teufel streaming features. We will begin, as it should be with any good system, with the acoustics.  And in particular, the acoustics of the Teufel One M.


Raumfeld Streaming is now Teufel Streaming

Firstly, a few introductory words about the new Teufel branding on the devices, since some readers may wonder why Teufel has decided to release the new range under Teufel Streaming as opposed to Raumfeld as before.

teufel logo streaming device
The new eye-catching Teufel logo on the devices

When Teufel started using Wi-Fi streaming systems a few years ago, they were still marketed under their original name “Raumfeld”. Now, Teufel has integrated the same streaming technology into more devices, from all-in-one speakers to sound decks to complete speaker systems.

Therefore Raumfeld’s streaming products are now becoming even more integrated within the Teufel family, with Raumfeld symbolising our pioneering multi-room streaming technology. The same great products, now part of the Teufel universe! Hence the small name change to Teufel streaming.

Note: If you already have Raumfeld devices at home, you don’t need to worry – the new Teufel streaming devices are completely compatible with current Raumfeld products.

Teufel One M – a 3-way acoustic powerhouse

As the successor to fan favourite the Raumfeld One M, the acoustics of the new edition have only been improved upon, not reduced. So the 3-way system has of course been preserved. But the Teufel One M does come with several acoustic alterations such as the position of the integrated subwoofer, which is now front-firing as opposed to down-firing.

one m teufel streaming speaker
An early sketch of the One M – the space for the subwoofer is gone, allowing for more volume.

Four tweeters instead of two – perfect for Dynamore®

Two of the four tweeters are not on top outside of the device but are centrally offset and angled. The signal can therefore be transmitted more to the left and to the right. This was implemented in order to facilitate Dynamore® virtual surround technology on the streaming device.

Read more: Experience expansive sound with Dynamore®

With Dynamore technology, the One M offers the best possible audio transmission. You can hear every detail even when you are not sitting directly in front of the speaker. Two powerful mid-range drivers complete the sound with rich mid-tones.

Teufel One M streaming speaker
Acoustics fit to burst: the interior of the One M

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The subwoofer position allows room for extra bass

The subwoofer has been moved from the bottom to the middle. On one hand, this increases the net internal volume with the same dimensions, which gives the subwoofer membrane more freedom of movement and allows it to produce more precise bass. On the other hand, the bass is now directed better towards the listener to create an impression of sitting in front of a real stereo system.

Teufel One M streaming speaker
One M with stereo panarama just like a classic sound system

Side-kick – a new passive membrane on each side

Two side-mounted passive diaphragms keep unclean noise to a minimum.


one m teufel streaming speaker
The bass is supported by lateral membranes

Class-D powerhouse with 7 channels

Each of the seven audio channels is controlled by its own class-D amplifier, allowing optimal sound adaptation and guaranteeing large power reserves.

teufel streaming speaker one m
Teufel on the outside, Raumfeld on the inside

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