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FC Mauritius – a football club from the seventh Berlin Bishop’s league* with a lot of potential – made a pact with the devil: The god-fearing football club was recently provided with professional jerseys by Teufel.

“When FC Mauritius contacted us with a nice letter asking for support for their team, we couldn’t say no,” said a grinning Sascha Mallah, head of Sales and Marketing at Teufel Audio. “We often equip youth groups and local clubs in Berlin-Brandenburg with Teufel loudspeakers. We sometimes even remove our logo from the products if asked to do so. But supplying jerseys for a Bishop’s League team – that was new for us.”

FC Mauritius will play their first game in their new jerseys on Saturday, December 7th in Berlin Köpenick. You can find more information about this team on their website.

* The Biship’s League Berlin (Bistumsliga Berlin) is an amateur football league started in 1990 as a way to organize the various Catholic football clubs from the Berlin-Bandenburg area into regular competitions and now includes 50 teams. Although still a Christian organization, the league is very inclusive, welcoming players from all religions and nationalities.

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