Teufel Flagship Store

There’s more to see in Bikini Berlin: The Teufel Flagship Store

Hear, touch and try out Teufel products in our Teufel Flagship Store located in the heart of Berlin’s City West.

600 m² of pure entertainment for Teufel fans

For hi-fi and home cinema fans, the Teufel Flagship Store is a true Eldorado. Visitors can sample Teufel’s entire product palette from sleek in-ear headphones to streaming speakers and THX home cinema systems in a relaxed environment.

Friendly staff is always on hand to answer questions or arrange for home cinema and Dolby Atmos demos.

System 10 THX
Book a sound trial for the System 10 THX

Teufel Managing Director Sascha Mallah on the Teufel Flagship Store

Take a virtual tour of the Teufel Flagship Store led by Teufel Managing Director Sascha Mallah. Learn what this very Berlin brand brings to this location and what you can expect.


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In addition to a spacious showroom, the Teufel Flagship Store contains a large presentation cinema. Upon request, visitors can sit back and immerse themselves in the exciting sound of various home cinema systems and soundbars.

There’s more to see in Bikini Berlin: The Teufel Flagship Store
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Teufel Editorial Team

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