Teufel's new System 6 THX Select

Teufel’s new System 6 THX: A THX Select certified system

Teufel has been producing THX-certified home cinema speakers since 1996. From the world’s first THX certified soundbar to the prosumer System 10 Ultra2 sound system, many Teufel systems meet the demanding sound reproduction standards for the ultimate home cinema experience.

The new System 6 THX Select

The System 6 with THX Select certification is the most recent example of Teufel’s commitment to home cinema excellence. The 5.2 speaker set represents the next stage of development of the System 5 THX Select 2 system. The popular surround set for larger rooms was given a complete overhaul from its sound to design and key features.

Teufel product design: Master minded at Berlin headquarters from the very first sketch…
… to the last CAD file for the final production.

Home cinema perfection, designed in Berlin

While the new System 6 is a bit sleeker than the System 5, most of the improvements took place under the hood. For instance, our acoustic developers went back to the drawing board and redesigned the midrange drivers in the front speakers for better speech intelligibility. The improvements were tested in a series of elaborate laboratory simulations, Klipple measurements and listening tests. The result? Great load capacity along with lower distortion for sound that stays true at very high levels.

Acoustic fine tuning by Teufel electronics engineers: The System 6 THX

Learn more about the Klippel Analyser System here.

Dipoles and D’Appolito: The tried-and-true is even truer

When it comes to the basic driver arrangements within the two front satellites and centre speaker, the D’Appolito arrangement used by the System 5 was retained. D’Appolito driver arrangements involve the placement of two midrange drivers on either side of a centrally placed tweeter. The result of this construction is better time alignment between the treble and midrange for a cleaner, fuller sound. In addition, midrange drivers in the new System 6 THX Select were redesigned to work with flat membranes. The main benefit of this driver design is a wider sound dispersion for playback that encompasses the entire listening area.

A stage in the development of the System 6’S midrange drivers.
Enjoy cinematic sound at home: with the System 6 THX


The drivers in the system’s dipole surround speakers were also completely re-worked. The resulting sound even more convincingly reproduces the atmosphere of a professional cinema. Each dipole was also equipped with an additional woofer for an even richer sonic foundation.

System 6 THX Select Dipol-Lautsprecher
System 6 THX Select dipole speaker

Double subwoofers for clean, realistic bass

In order to meet the 25 Hz low end at the 103 dB necessary for THX Select licensing, the System 6 was endowed with two S6000 subwoofers. Not only do two subwoofers help bring the low end down to this amazing depth, they prevent the creation of standing waves for a cleaner sound.

System 6 THX Select Subwoofer
System 6 THX Select Subwoofer

Since the use of two subwoofers makes the bass less susceptible to room interactions, the two woofers can be placed just about anywhere, making room integration even easier.

Status LED in the System 6 Subwoofer

Listen with your eyes: The System 6 exudes subtle elegance

The System 6 sports a number of subtle design enhancements over its predecessor. The red status LED was moved from the back of the enclosure to the bass reflex vent for a unique touch. The light can also be dimmed for those who find it distracting in darkened rooms.

The front satellites, centre speaker and dipole surrounds were all kept as compact as possible in spite of the serious audio hardware each contains in order to facilitate room integration. The simple matte black design manages to be both classically neutral in its appeal and elegant.

Less is more: The System 6 THX Select exudes subtle elegance

Curious? Check out the System 6 THX  prooduct detail page.

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