A Raumfeld feature in focus: Spotify Multiroom

Anyone who streams music will be familiar with Spotify, the world’s most popular streaming service. Its success can be attributed to one of the most comprehensive music catalogs available. Spotify gives millions of users access to music from top labels like Sony, the Warner Music Group and Universal. Social sharing features and personal recommendations facilitate the discovery of new music and the latest trends. Via the Spotify App, users can create playlists that can be made public or shared with a few close friends. Popular artists also regularly share their top picks and current inspirations.

The following will explain how Raumfeld WiFi speakers bring you closer to this amazing music source. You’ll also learn how to enjoy Spotify Multiroom with your Raumfeld system for complete immersion in your musical selections.

The Spotify Connect Function for Raumfeld

Spotify Connect gives Spotify users the ability to access a vast music library along with personalized settings and playlists directly from a mobile device. Spotify Connect users can also send playback directly to their Raumfeld speakers. This allows for a seamless transition between listing to music on-the-go and at home. The same streams you enjoy on your way to work can be played back – in exceptional sound quality – on your Raumfeld system when you walk through the door.

Send Spotify streams throughout your home

In order to stream Spotify on Raumeld, you’ll first need to ensure that your smart device is connected to the same home Wi-Fi as your Raumfeld devices. Now play a song on the Spotify App. Beneath the Play button, you’ll see the option “Devices Available.” Tap on this and all devices capable of streaming this song will be displayed. Simply select the Raumfeld devices you want to begin playback on and your music will sound from your Wi-Fi speakers instead of your headphones.

If you leave the room, the stream can be easily made to follow. If you leave the home, you can simply switch playback back to your headphones.

Spotify Multiroom: Hear your streams everywhere in perfect sync

One of the features Raumfeld speakers offer is multi-room streaming. Each Raumfeld device can stream independently, but multiple devices can also stream together for the ultimate whole home audio experience. This feature can also be enjoyed with Spotify multiroom. Simply activate the Mutiroom Mode, choose the rooms you want to hear playback in and your selections will play everywhere.

Activate Spotify Connect in a few easy steps

  • Update the Raumfeld Firmware on all your Raumfeld devices.
  • Update the Raufmeld App.
  • Install the Spotify Connect App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Start a stream via the Spotify Connect App for mobile (or the desktop app).
  • Select “Device available“ and choose your Raumfeld devices for playback.

That’s it! You can now enjoy Spotify on Raumfeld in a single room or the multiroom mode.

All pictures: Property of Teufel Audio

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