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Teufel’s new wireless home cinema gadgets

A traditional 5.1 home cinema system sends the soundtrack from an A/V receiver to a total of 6 channels: Five satellites and a subwoofer. In order to receive this signal, all 6 loudspeakers need to be connected to the receiver via speaker cable. Naturally, this poses a challenge since, by its very nature, surround sound speakers are distributed all around the room. Laying the cables in such a way that they don’t interfere with an interior’s overall look or hinder free movement through the room can be a challenge. It’s therefore desirable to reduce the number of cables whenever possible. Teufel offers a range of nifty wireless gadgets that do just that.


Teufel’s Subwoofer Wireless Set for sending and receiving subwoofer signals

Subwoofer Wireless Set

Teufel’s newest wireless solution for home cinema is called the Subwoofer Wireless Set. The set consists of the Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter and the Subwoofer Wireless Receiver.

The Subwoofer Wireless Set supplies active subwoofers with the audio signal. The transmitter is connected directly to the appropriate output on your receiver via RCA cable. The receiver is then connected to the active subwoofer.

The wireless transmission of the audio signal uses a similar technology as a wireless connection of a landline telephone to its base. In order for the two components of the Wireless Subwoofer Set to communicate with one another, an initial pairing procedure must be carried out. This should be familiar to anyone who has used a Bluetooth device. A one-time procedure, the two devices will automatically connect with each other after the initial pairing.

The transmission is lossless and highly stable up a distance of 10 meters. This provides ample space for selecting the perfect spot in your room for your sub. Since very low frequencies are non-directional, and since there are no cables to worry about, anywhere you can plug your subwoofer into power and are least likely to trip over it can be its new home.

The Subconnect Module for sending signals wirelessly from the CoreStation, DecoderStation 6 or Wireless Transmitter

Custom made: The subwoofer wireless module for the T 4000

The Wireless Module has the same range of functions as the Subwoofer Wireless Receiver mentioned above but directly connects to the subwoofer.

Another Teufel gadget for wireless home cinema is the Subwoofer Wireless Module. The Wireless Module was designed to dock directly onto the T 4000 flat subwoofer. The T 4000 is equipped with a corresponding slot on its back connection panel. The module fits together perfectly with this sleek, flat sub and receives its audio signals wirelessly and losslessly. In the near future, Teufel plans to equip additional subwoofers with inputs for the Wireless Module.

The T 4000 does not always come with the Wireless Module. If the Wireless Module was not included with delivery, it can easily be ordered. We are also planning to include a dock for the Wireless Module on future subwoofer models.

Systems that require the Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter

The T 4000 does not always come with the Wireless Module. If the Wireless Module was not included with delivery, it can easily be ordered. We are also planning to include a dock for the Wireless Module on future subwoofer models.

Systems that might require the Subwoofer Wireless Receiver

Teufel’s compact A/V receiver, the CoreStation as well as Teufel’s DecoderStation 6 come equipped with an integrated Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter. Those who operate their home cinema systems with a CoreStation or a DecoderStation 6 will be able to operate any active subwoofer wirelessly as long as it’s equipped with a Subwoofer Wireless Receiver. Of course, if one has the T 4000 flat subwoofer, this will require the Wireless Module.


Additional options for wireless home cinema

Teufel wouldn’t be Teufel if it didn’t also offer wireless solutions for surround and stereo. The RearStation 4 does just that. The Wireless Audio bundle contains both the RearStation 4 Sender and the RearStation 4 Receiver. The bundle is suitable for transmitting 2 channel audio and works according to the same principle as the Subwoofer Module. An important prerequisite for using this system is an A/V receiver with the required outputs, so-called pre-outs, for the channels which are to be wirelessly transmitted. The Wireless Audio bundle is perfect for supplying surround speakers with their audio signal wirelessly or sending an audio signal to speakers in another room.

An overview of Teufel’s wireless home cinema gadgets

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