Get it all out of the CAGE: with the latest drivers and Teufel Audio Center

Teufel also has a heart for gamers! We created our gaming headset CAGE that offers everything gamers are looking for! From heavy sound to a quality, microphone to ensure you can have the best communication and sound experience in-game. With the cage drivers and the Teufel Audio Center, you can perfect your gaming sound!

1. Step: Install the CAGE driver and XX

Behind the Teufel Audio Center (TAC) is a versatile sound adjustment software for our gaming headset CAGE. The TAC is currently available for the operating systems Windows 7, 8.1, 8.2 and 10. The software works in conjunction with the USB sound card that is integrated in the CAGE.

If you already have the CAGE at home and use it on a Windows computer, you have probably already tried connecting the headset via USB, which activates the USB sound card integrated in the CAGE.

If you want to use all the possibilities of the USB sound card with the TAC, you have to install it first. Then you can tune the CAGE to your listening taste. In addition, there are some more features like a real-time alienation of your voice into a devil’s voice or that of a secret agent. But more about that later.

Download des CAGE-Treibers und Installation des TAC

First, you have to download the latest version of the CAGE on your computer in order to instal TAC.

Note: If you have the old version of TAC installed on your computer uninstall both the TAC and the old CAGE driver

Then download the latest driver, unzip the zip archive and start the software installation while the headset is connected to the computer via USB. The installation is done in a few moments.

If you do not have a driver for the CAGE yet, you can download it here:
To download the CAGE driver (Win7/8.1/8.2/10)


Overview of the headsets status

When the Teufel Audio Center is started, the interface shows the current CAGE settings at a glance, such as the playback configuration (playback), the microphone resolution and active sound features.

Everything at a glance – the TAC is the command centre for the CAGE

In the TAC User Interface, you can now choose whether you want to adjust the sound and volume of the playback or the microphone. There are basically no fixed setting rules. Since the sound sensation is always subjective, you can try out all settings to your own taste.

Setup possibilities for sound

We start with an overview of the possible settings for volume and sound of the playback. The microphone settings are the next to come.

Volume control

Use the Volume Control menu to adjust the volume. With the main volume and front volume.

Equalizer with presets

With the 10-band equalizer, you can adjust highs, mids and lows individually. In addition, there are various presets such as “Less Bass”, “Less Heights” etc. as well as adjustments to the sound source such as “Voice”, “Movie”, “Game”.

Xear Surround Headphone

In this menu you activate and test the virtual 7.1 surround sound and adjust the room size.

Xear Audio Brilliant

With Xear Audio Brilliant you can setup the precision of the sound playback.

Xear Dynamic Bass

Activate this feature if you want to boost the bass or set a crossover frequency. The crossover frequency cuts off the audio signal below the selected frequency if, for example, the bass is not accurate.

Xear Smart Volume

This function makes it possible to limit the entire volume range in order to avoid high volume levels at night, for example. In the pull-down menu, you can select the corresponding presets.

Xear Voice Clarity

If the voice reproduction in Teamspeak is noisy, Xear Voice Clarity allows you to counteract the noise by increasing the level and additionally increase the noise suppression by 5 dB each time.

Settings for the CAGE microphones

You should also try out the microphone settings to find out which setting you personally like best.

Volume control for microphone and monitor

The CAGE has two microphones: the main microphone for plugging in and the side microphone (monitor). For example, you can fade out your own voice in Teamspeak, for example, if it is audible with slight reverberation.

Environmental Noise Cancellation

This feature is self-explanatory: It suppresses annoying ambient noise and lets you experience games even more intensively.

Xear Magic Voice – Devil, „Doofy“ Duck, Bond or Black Widow

Xear Magic Voice modifies your voice. So you can better create your gaming avatar – or just to mess around with. Whatever you chose, the options there.

In all its splendour: Teufel CAGE

Gaming Headset CAGE von Teufel
Das Gaming-Headset CAGE: for the best playing experience

CAGE: our gaming headset that leaves nothing to be desired. From the 40 mm linear HD driver to the Immersion Over-Ear Capsules, everything is first class. Now you have got to know the extensive possibilities to increase your individual listening pleasure even more. Listen in and let the CAGE convince you.

More fun for gamers

To sum up: This is how you use the CAGE driver and the Teufel Audio Center

  • Take your CAGE to the next level with the latest drivers and adjust the audio playback to your listening preferences.
  • What you need to do: Download and install the CAGE drivers.
  • Meanwhile, your CAGE must be connected to the computer via USB – then everything will run by itself.

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