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#FutureSounds IV CES 2019

January is CES time! The world’s most important tech-conference took place in Las Vegas and highlighted all the biggest changes and possibilities for the future of technology, with over 4,500 exhibitors. For our latest #FutureSounds, we’ve looked at all the exciting things presented at CES when it comes to the world of sound and home entertainment.

Scroll-away TV technology at the CES 2019

One of the most spectacular product presentations at the CES 2019 was from LG. The South Korean technology company created a 4k-OLED TV, which can be either rolled out or into the box that it’s attached to.  And it doesn’t even affect the display. This is due to its ultra-tin and flexible material used for the OLED panel. The TV supports three modes:

  1. When fully extended, the OLED television measures  65 inches (16:9 format) and has all the functions you would expect from any of today’s high-end devices.
  2. The TV can be retracted so that only 20 cm of the screen can be seen. The narrow display strip is primarily intended to display news, photos or information about music played.
  3. In the retracted state, only a small part of the casing can be seen. Containing A 4.1 loudspeaker system is integrated, which is supposed to support Dolby Atmos, among other sound systems.

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With the LG TV it’s not about an innovative study, but rather a device that is market-ready. The sale for this TV is planned for 2019. As for the price, nothing has been mentioned.

Other highlights from the world of TV are the 8k-resolution and the battle of display technology. LG with OLED, Samsung with something a little bit different, the QLED. With which Samsung has moved into a league of its own with their Micro-LED technology. This is more interesting for all those with huge screens with over 70 inches. However, it could take time before we see the 8k-resolution is our own living rooms. Clearly, there are still a lot of changes going on with the 4k still.

Audio technology at CES 2019

Groundbreaking innovations within the world of audio are usually hardly seen at the CES. Usually it’s just further developments from technology that we already know. In this year it’s much the same with voice control and streaming technology. Something worth mentioning is the amendments of the aptX HD. Quick reminder: aptx is a Bluetooth code, that turns transmission data into listenable Bluetooth streams. The up-coming aptX HD plans to take things to the next level and stream high-resolution sound formats (24 Bit/48kHz).

Something that’s been very apparent at the CES 2019 is that Bluetooth vinyl players are very in trend. Something that the TEAC Vinyl Player in the Teufel shop already highlighted. Another update worth mentioning is the developements for Bluetooth headphones. They always has the disavantage that the battery life would run out. At the CES new models were presented that would last up to the double digit when we talk hours.

Roundup of over innovations at CES 2019

  • The newest mobile radio standard 5G becomes (so slowly) also a topic for consumers. Samsung shows for example the prototype of a Smartphone with 5G. Until 5G will be available in Germany, however, two or three years will probably pass.
  • WIFI standards are changing before our eyes. The successor to the current WIFI-ac standard is called WIFI-ax. The first ax routers were on display at CES 2019. Incidentally, Mesh WIFI is used in these models.
  • Mui has built a wooden touch display. That sounds like an invention that the world doesn’t need. But this gadget isn’t quite that absurd after all. The panel serves, among other things, to control electronic and household appliances, to display the weather and to receive or send (voice) messages.

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  • CES 2019 is teeming with devices with integrated language assistants. The makers of Numi 2.0 have driven the trend to the top. Because Amazon’s Alexa is integrated in this “Smart Toilet”. The toilet also contains loudspeakers, seat heating and ambient lighting. The whole thing is available for a mere 7,000 dollars.

Innovative sound from Teufel

Der wasserdichte Lautsprecher ROCKSER GO.
The ROCKSTER GO can survive in extreme conditions and is waterproof thanks to IPX7 technology.

Ultima 40: Stereo systems are still not obsolete. The Ultima 40 proves this more impressively than ever after its 2018 update. In terms of sound quality, the 3-way system with a new phase plug in the tweeter is an absolute extra class. With matt surfaces, glossy elements and brass-coloured midrange cone.

ROCKSTER GO: Those who like it rougher and still want to enjoy good sound will love the ROCKSTER GO. The compact Bluetooth speaker is waterproof (certified to IPX7!) and protected against shocks thanks to its rubberised casing. To make the streaming top-class, we have integrated Bluetooth aptX. The ROCKSTER GO is also durable: up to 7 hours playing time.

The highlights of CES 2019 summarized

  • LG presented OLED TV that was a product way ahead of the times.
  • More exciting TV technology are OLED, QLED and 8k.
  • In the world of audio developments are taking place rather than  any exciting innovations, the Bluetooth aptX HD being one example.
  • On the rather odd side, was the touch display please a wood.
Luftaufnahme von einer der Hallen der CES 2019.
Image of the CES 2019 opening day

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  1. Jeff
    12. Mar. 2019, 20:20

    Thanks for the interesting read on the future trends from CES. I miss having Teufel/Raumfeld products being available in the USA since they dropped from Amazon. Is there any future vision that includes Raumfeld streaming products available in the USA again any time soon?

    • Jonathan Appleby
      14. Mar. 2019, 12:09

      Hi Jeff! Glad to hear you liked the blog. As for your question, we currently don’t have plans to sell into the US market. However, if that changes, we’ll be sure to make a blog post about it!

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