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Teufel Year in Review

WATT A YEAR: 2016 in review

Dear Teufel Fans,

2016 was another milestone for us in terms of new products like the MUTE, Cinesystem Trios and Ultima 40 Active.

But also when it came to events, Teufel Audio was busier than ever: Our flagship store hosted top musical acts like Samy Deluxe and White Lies while our ROCKSTER-bedecked Thundertruck made another strong appearance at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day as well as the Strongman Run and IFA.

You’ll find our 2016 highlights in the following video:

Thank you for helping us make 2016 such an eventful year in audio. We look forward to sharing many new adventures and innovations with you in 2017!

Yours in Sound,

The Teufel Audio Team

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